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best cabin tent

Are you going camping with friends or family and need a lot of space and privacy in your tent? If so then you need a tent that looks like a cabin. Cabin tents are labeled as such due to their walled structure which resembles a cabin.

Most campers who camp in large groups prefer to use these tents because they are more sizeable and heavy-duty compared to the regular tent types.

Check out my recommendation for best cabin tents on the market.

Best Cabin Tents

Coleman Instant Tent8 person3.8/5
CORE Instant Cabin Tent9 person4.6/5
Coleman WeatherMaster Tent6 person4.1/5
Eureka Copper Canyon Tent4 person4.5/5

Best Cabin Tents

Read on to see what these tents have to offer and why they are picked as the best in this category.

CORE 9 Person Instant Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The first one in my list is CORE 9 person instant tent. It comes with a lot of amazing features and is definitely one of the greatest tents on the market.

One of the best things about this tent is that you can easily pitch it in literally 1 minute because all poles are already attached to the cloth.

The tent has Core H20 Block Technology, active bead technology, water-resistant fabrics, as well as extra factory-sealed seams to make sure that no water will leak in in the case it rains.

This CORE tent is able to accommodate up to 9 people and it will give you enough room for your gear as well. You’ll also love the high ceil so you won’t have an issue spending time inside the tent.


  • Large size
  • Extremely good ventilation system
  • Very quick to set up
  • Two large doors
  • Impressive ventilation


  • Poles of the tent are not that durable
  • Nain door zipper needs a 2-handed operation

I wrote a review of CORE 6 person instant tent which you can check.

EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4

EUREKA! Copper Canyon Tent

Next one on my list is Eureka Copper Canyon tent. It is perfect for 4 people and summertime camping.

While this Eureka tent isn’t recommended for harsh weather, it still remains to be one of the best ones you can find on the market. First of all, it has enough room, with the height of 7 feet, large windows, and incredible fly design no one will feel too cramped inside. The 3 windows are a true hallmark of this model.

Because this tent is freestanding, you can easily place it anywhere. You are able to put it on the grass, concrete, rock, sand, or literally wherever you want.

Before you use the tent, you have to make sure to check the weather forecast before going to the campsite. Aside from the rain problems, this tent can easily handle condensation and warmer weather conditions due to good airflow and ventilation feature.


  • Very tall tent
  • Big windows
  • Impressive ventilation
  • Easy to set up


  • Only one door
  • No vestibules

If you want to know more about it, I have Eureka Cooper Canyon tent review for you.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman WeatherMaste Tent

If you have a small family who loves to camp, then this tent might be the one for you. The Coleman WeatherMaster tent is perfect for you if you will camp in the campsite where are bugs and mosquitos because it has a screened porch that will protect you.

You are able to have an extended camping using this tent because its cabin design offers you more space. When it starts raining, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting wet because this tent has a weatherproof design, which you can easily tell by the tent name.

The tent has Coleman’s original WeatherTec system with a nice welded floor and upturned seams that stop water from seeping through the tent.


  • Easy to set up
  • A generous amount of interior space
  • Impressive ventilation system
  • Can be separated
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with the company’s WeatherTec System


  • Doesn’t come with replacement parts
  • Prone to leakage
  • The rainfly material is rather flimsy
  • Quite heavy

The Coleman tent review will explain more of this amazing tent.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman Instant Tent

Another one from Coleman that is a great option for those looking for a cabin tent. As soon as it was released on the market it won several awards. Up to the present, it still remains to be one of the bestselling tents.

With the dimensions of 4 x 10 feet with 6-foot 5-inch center height, The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent is able to accommodate up to 8 people. With its height, you won’t have a problem standing up in it. Its large interior space offers assurance that you can move easily while being inside.

It sells without a fly and is made of heavy-duty waterproof material. The windows and doors are fully sealed and protected to stop water from leaking in. The floor of this tent has fully-taped seams to make sure you are protected from the rain.

In terms of tent fabrics, this tent has highly durable and high-quality materials that will make sure your tent lasts for years.

Taking down the Coleman instant tent isn’t as easy as setting it up. So, you must have a lot of patience with the tent storage.


  • Made of high-quality and highly durable fabric
  • A generous amount of interior space
  • Thick, waterproof walls, doors, and floor
  • Comes with the company’s WeatherTec System
  • Impressive ventilation system
  • Has a removable interior divider
  • Easy to setup


  • Quite heavy
  • Putting it back on can be time-consuming
  • Doesn’t come with a fly

Here is the Coleman 6 person instant tent review.

Timber Ridge Family Camping Tent

Timber Ridge Instant Family Tent

Lastly here you have the Timber Ridge tent with rainfly. This cabin style tent is easy to set up, but it may take you a little bit longer to assemble it compared to the other ones on my list.

If you’re setting it up on your own, expect to spend approximately 25 minutes. The walls and the ceiling are mostly made with mesh that gives great ventilation and nice views.

This tent will enable people of average height to stand up inside the tent, and because the walls are pretty steep, the height of the tent expands for most of the space of the tent.

It has D-shaped doors that gives an easy access and despite its fiberglass poles, the total weight of this tent is only 13 pounds, which is one of the lightest cabin tents you will find.

The fly that comes with it will surely keep you dry when the weather gets worse, and because it has a mesh for venting moisture, you are less likely to experience condensation while inside the tent during hotter days.

All these features along with a beautiful design make this tent one of the best cabin-looking tents you will find on the market.


  • Large interior space
  • Provided rainfly keeps rain from coming in
  • Great ventilation system


  • Setting it up might be time-consuming
  • Mesh windows don’t have a zip up privacy covers

Also look at the Timber Ridge 10 person tent review and see what it offers.

Tent Sizes

Concerning the size, the cabin type of tent is available in wide-ranging sizes. It also depends on the number of people that it can hold, whether it is a 1 person tent or a 10 person tent. There are also large tents which are ideal for large families or group gatherings.

Tent Material

Tents don’t only vary on sizes. They also differ in the materials from which they are made of. There are three main fabrics used in making these kinds of tent: canvas, polyester, and nylon.

The most common material among them is the canvas. The majority of cabin-shaped tents are made from this fabric due to durability and long-lasting life. But they are much more costly compared to nylon and polyester tents.

If you want better quality tents, you must opt for tents with shatterproof structure. Tents of this sort are proven to withstand stormy weather conditions.

Buying a Tent that Suits Your Needs

Tent shopping is not hard if you have an idea of what kind of tent to buy. Certain things need thorough consideration if you want to get the best quality tent for your camping adventure. Privacy is one of the features of a quality tent.

There are tents which have partitions that you can set up to separate the various rooms in the tent. The weight of the tent is also important. If you will go camping in a very far and rocky place, then a canvas tent is not a good choice.

Canvas tents are heavy. Choose among best cabin tents for camping in normal weather conditions (sun and rain) and enjoy with your family and friends without worries about something being wrong.

Tents for any Weather Conditions

But if you need tents that are hardwearing, canvas tents are very optimal to use. They are also suitable for whatever kind of weather condition.

The tent that has a cabin shape is of the essence in camping since it serves as the home of campers for the duration of the escapade. It isn’t safe to camp without it. Can you sleep outdoors at night? How about when it is raining hard or when the day is severely hot? Hence, the importance of having a tent is certainly immeasurable.

The Usage

Cabin style tents are still widely used these days. Although some people think that these tents are very large and bulky, it is still noticeable that many people with large families make use of them.

In general, this large tent is a great gear to buy, especially when you go camping for some time. It is a place where you stay when you are sleeping outdoors. It also gives a sense of privacy to campers due to rooms provided.

Moreover, this tent enables you to spend your free time with your family by offering you a comfortable place to stay while you are away from your house. Indeed, investing in a high-quality cabin-style tent is crucial. Having no tent puts you and your family in a very awkward situation.

These large family camping tents are considered a great way to be in touch with nature. Camping with these tents offers several health benefits, one of which is that they help to eliminate stress by allowing you to cut loose from tough demands as well as pressures of everyday work. Aside from that, they also allow you to engage in physical exercises through camping activities.

But camping would not be easy if you don’t have the right camping equipment with you. The most important equipment that you must have is the tent.

There are so many kinds of tents on the market. But one of the best tents that you can have is the cabin tent. What is the edge of this tent over others? Well, the nice thing about it is that it is perfect for those who will camp out with their families and friends. That is why they are also known as family-sized tents.

Best Tents for Your Family

In essence, these cabin-like tents are very roomy and can accommodate many people. Since these tents are somewhat large, they can have separated rooms. Due to an increasing number of families who camp out, different designs of tents for camping were developed. However, these large tents are not suitable for backpacking or hiking.

Why? The reason for this is because they are very time-consuming to set up. They are only ideal to use for family outings or excursions. Most of the family-sized tents include a canopy which offers protection from sun and other weather elements. These big family tents also have huge windows and decks along with ventilation.

This is the reason why some people prefer to use these tents over backpacking tents. They have dividing wall to provide several rooms for privacy. Moreover, they are also ideal for garden parties and family get-togethers.

Features and Benefits

Usually, these type of tents are made of nylon and canvas. Canvas is a very good material for making a tent because it is rainproof and strong. On the other hand, nylon is also optimal to use due to its lightweight properties and water resistance. The only drawback of nylon tents is that they wear out fast compared to the canvas cabin camping tents.

So if you will buy a tent, you need to give consideration to several things about these big family tents. Always consider the material, the size, and the aeration of the tent. They are great for sleeping outdoors and for recreational functions. But there are also other things to mull over if you want to buy the most appropriate tent for your family camping trip.

Numerous options are available on the market. These large camping tents have a wide array of sizes, designs, colors, and special features. When shopping for a tent, it is a must that you consider your specific needs. Make sure that your camping needs are met before you buy a tent and other camping equipment.

Don’t buy those things which are not essential to you when going camping. Buy only camping gear that you think will be useful on your camping trip.


Let summarize the important features that you need to consider when looking for the best cabin tent on the market. They are meant for families and large groups of people who want to spend a quality time in the tent. Their ceiling is high so you can move inside the tent. These tents are high enough, so in most cases, you don’t need to bend when you walk. Cooking and playing in this type of tent is therefore easy.

Also, consider the material of the tent. Canvas is more expensive than polyester and nylon material but if you get the canvas tent, it will serve you for many years. If you will go camping in the area with often storms and bad weather, choose a tent with shatterproof structure.

Canvas tents are heavy so they aren’t appropriate to carry it on your back. These tents are meant for families and groups who are going to a campsite with a car. You can choose a nylon tent which is easier to carry than a canvas tent but its durability is not as good compared to the canvas tent.

These tents have more rooms than occasional hiking tents. If you want privacy during camping, choose a cabin tent with separated rooms. When you are looking this kind of tent consider this guide and think about the material, the size, and the aeration of the tent.

Ask yourself where you will be camping, how many people should be accommodated in the tent and what your specific needs are. With this guide and consideration of your needs, you can get the tent that you will enjoy staying in.

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