Best Camping Beds For Couples That You Need

Best Camping Beds For Couples

For a night inside the tent, a sleeping bag or sleeping pad will suffice.  However, if you are the type of camper, like me, who prefers a little more comfort with your significant other when camping, you need to buy the best camping beds for couples.

The trickiest part about buying these is finding the best from the multitude of options available on the market. What are the most important features to look for? Find more information in the table and text below.

Best Camping Beds For Couples

Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot59 x 22 x 78 inches4/5
King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress80 x 40 x 20 inches4.5/5
Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress80 x 60 x 22 inches4.3/5

Features of the Best Camping Beds for Couples

I am presenting you three beds in more details that are the best regarding a review of camping beds for two. Look at its features and see which could be your future resting spot.

Coleman Queen Airbed

Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot

Coleman is in the manufacturing outdoor industry for a very long time. For many years they have been in existence, they have ensured to provider campers with lots of outdoor adventure experience.

With a product from Coleman, you are sure that every occasion is fun-filled and memorable. However, after a busy and exciting day, you will have to rest on a comfortable air bed for you to unwind. That’s why Coleman has come up with this inflatable mattress to give you comfort.

It has an ergonomic design that will guarantee you experience the best sleeping moments. It comes with a 4D battery to ensure you are able to inflate even when you are out of power. Additionally, it has a built-in pump that is designed from durable steel.

King Koil Twin Size Air Mattress

King Koil Air Mattress

Take good care of yourself and your partner while you are enjoying the outdoor adventure. This King Koil twin size luxury air mattress is soft and tender to ensure your body is comfortable and relaxed all night long.

It guarantees you relieve from daily experiences and will give you energy for the next day. Investing in this product indicates that you are ready to treat yourself and partner with a kingly treat.

It is designed with top quality materials to ensure your safety and comfort. It has a time-tester feature that makes inflating and deflating easy. This unit comes with a built-in pump that ensures you are able to inflate effortlessly.

Whatever sleeping position you feel comfortable; this mattress can support you appropriately. The top cover material is durable and will ensure to soothe your skin every time you sleep on it.

Also check the camping cots, and camping pads as an alternative.

Etekcity Inflatable Airbed

Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress

The Etekcity airbed is ideal for use under any condition. It gives you and your partner a comfortable and peaceful night sleep wherever you go.

When inflated, this bed can accommodate up to 650lbs weight capacity. This mattress has a durable and strong material construction to ensure you enjoy its services for a longer period.

It inflates or deflates in 3-5 minutes thanks to its electric configuration. The power cable is long enough to ensure you are connected regardless of how far the socket is. It also features a manual air valve in case the built-in electric mechanism fails.

Additionally, it makes a good improvement for the guest room. With it, you will always be prepared for those unannounced relatives that will occasionally bump in your house.

Check my pick of pillows that are a must if you want to sleep like at home.

What to Consider when Buying this Type of Bed?

1. The frame

You need to think seriously about the support structure of the bed you will buy. Most are made of aluminum which is lightweight and strong. The best camping beds for couples have a frame made of steel. These can withstand a lot of movement and are great for heavy users.

You must check the manufacturer’s weight rating before you buy. It will guarantee that both you and your partner can sleep without worrying about the bed crumbling down.

There are three main leg styles which include: military style X legs, vertical legs, and legs that are connected to the horizontal bar in a C shape. If you will be using the bed in a tent, make sure that it has rubber legs and end caps to keep the floor of the tent safer.

2. The fabric

Beds for camping are often made of nylon fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. Some have a cotton canvas that retains dirt and dust and makes the bed heavier.

These are not great for people with pets and those who have frequent allergies. For the warmer weather conditions, make sure that you use a mesh fabric. It is cooler and allows you to stay cool.

3. Support and comfort

Fabric tension or springs are the mechanisms that are used to keep the beds supportive. The tension systems are adjustable and this feature makes these beds comfortable and supportive.

Sometimes, manufacturers allow you to fine-tune the springs by relocating, removing and adding to the supports. Other manufacturers include extra pudding. The padded models provide you with extra comfort but they are bulkier and heavier.  Cheaper models come with a crossbar that compromises the comfort of individuals and is somehow equivalent to sleeping on the couch.

4. The size of the bed

You need to consider the size of the bed. It should hold your weight as a couple and should also be wide enough to give you enough space to sleep.

5. Weight

Of course, if you are buying a camping bed, you will need to move it around to the camping place. The heavier and bigger they are, the more difficult it will be to carry them. If you have little storage space, make sure you do not get an extra large bed as it may be difficult to store.

Portable beds are lightweight and great for campers, backpackers and hikers. Portability also compromises on the height of the bed.


We came till the end of the article and you still don’t know which bed is appropriate for you and your partner? I presented you three beds with different features so let’s summarize.

Coleman’s airbed is ergonomically designed and the company guarantees you a good sleeping night. When you buy it you will get a 4D battery for you to inflate it fast. 

King Koil air mattress is another luxury bed on my list that is soft and tender for you and your partner to fall asleep in no time. It is made of top quality materials that guarantee comfortable sleeping. The bed has a time-tester feature that makes inflating and deflating easy. This unit comes with a built-in pump that ensures you are able to inflate effortlessly.

The last one of my picks is Etekcity inflatable air bed. It is ideal to sleep on whenever you want to relax. The bed can take up to 650lbs weight due to durable and strong material construction. It has an electric configuration so you will be able to inflate in about 3-5 minutes. It also features a manual air valve in case the built-in electric mechanism fails.

Don’t forget that you should pay attention to the size of the bed, the frame, the fabric, the weight capacity and the level of comfort and support that you want for you and your partner. Talk through and choose your favorite air mattress together.

Like most things in life, there is never a one-fits-all solution and it is the same when you look for the best camping bed for two. The choice you make will be highly dependent on how you will be using the bed. 

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