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best cot tents

There are some things that all campers must have with them, and one of them is the best cot tents. The fact is that these elevated sleeping areas offer you a variety of uses in many different settings, and if you don’t have one on-hand, you may be missing out on the chance to have more convenience and comfort in your life. Below are some of the cot tents that we preffer on Camping Tent Lovers.

Best Cot Tents

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot4.6/5
Tangkula Tent Cot3.9/5
Winterial Double Outdoor Tent Cot3.8/5
iUcar Portable Camping Tent Cot4.1/5
Therm-a-Rest Tent Cot3.8/5

Features of the Best Cot Tents

By now, you’re probably convinced that you need a cot tent for your next trip. But the many options available, how would you choose? Because we don’t want things to be harder for you, here are the features of picked tents that we recommend.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Kamp Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Using this cot, setting up your camp for the night shouldn’t be too difficult. This cot is large, which is perfect if you’re looking for something sizable. The cot tent is extremely comfortable and durable even if you’re a side sleeper who’s struggling with drooping on some cot beds. Because it has the frame and all the metal parts are softly padded which makes sleeping on it so comfortable.

You will also appreciate the fact that it is squeak free. This cot tent is less likely to cause any problem, so all in all, we extremely recommend this one. It also has side storage which comes handy.


  • Comes with a carry bag
  • High-quality steel frame
  • Ideal for tall campers
  • Can accommodate weight up to 400 lbs.
  • Very firm when setup
  • Squeak-free


  • Not ideal for smaller tent
  • Too high for short people

Tangkula Cot Tent

Tangkula Tent Cot

The second product we want to recommend is this cot designed by Tangkula. Tangkula cot tent is made from hard-wearing and waterproof 420D PU covered Oxford. It has an attached rainfly and it packs up into an easy-to-carry bag. This is a lightweight and small double cot tent, which is very easy to set up and fold down immediately.

Every wall has a big opening so you could easily get in and out of your tent when needed, and it also offers amazing ventilation. The front comes with a canopy that can give more protection if the weather is wet, and it has four steady legs as well as a waterproof lining at the bottom.


  • Awning included offers extra protection
  • Sturdy legs
  • Carry bag


  • The fabric used tends to damage by the zipper parts

Winterial Double Outdoor Tent Cot

Winterial Double Outdoor Tent Cot

Another cot we want to recommend is Winterial cot tent, which features an enormous build with an aluminum frame which can accommodate weight up to 500 lbs. This cot comes with are four larger doors positioned on every side of the tent with a dense mesh that stops insects from entering offering cross ventilation.

This is very lightweight, and you’ll have an additional canopy that will help you keep yourself safe from hostile weather. It folds up flat for which makes storing it easy.


  • Can accommodate up to 500 lbs.
  • Large doors
  • Good ventilation


  • Quite heavy
  • May require two people to be set up

iUcar Portable Camping Tent Cot

iUcar Portable Camping Tent Cot

iUcar camping tent cot sits lower to the ground and comes with a rainfly that ascribes straight to the ground for better water and wind resistance. The elastic nylon material makes a comfy sleeping surface, and it’s resistant to tears or punctures.

You are able to separate the tent from the cot by undoing the zipper, and for extra stability, the cot comes in four different support bars. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is a more durable choice that is rust resistant. You are also able to lift up a small part of the rainfly to get better ventilation.


  • Sits lower to the ground
  • Aluminum nylon and alloy construction
  • High-quality zippers
  • Detachable tent


  • Not that simple to set up
  • Plastic connectors are not as durable compared to other materials

Therm-a-Rest Tent Cot

Therm a Rest Tent Cot

The last product in our list is Therm-a-Rest cot tent that is ultra-light and is one of the best ones you will find in the market today.  Normally, tent cots are fairly heavy that are great for camping with car access, but generally, they’re not very portable. However, with only a little more than 5 lb., cot tent can easily be carried, so it’s perfect for hikers and travelers.

Since the tent and the cot are packed alloy and, it is more convenient to use. So you are able to use the tent entirely separately if you’re on a long tour and looking to save some weight.


  • Total protection from elements
  • Comfy sleeping
  • Everything collapsible
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Pretty short
  • Not so simple to set up

Camping Trips

Maybe the clearest use for cot tents is essentially for overnight trips out nature. When sleeping in a tent, it usually means that you’re going to sleep almost on the tent floor. A piece of durable, tarp-like material keeps you away from rocks, cold ground, and other rubbles, which can make your sleep not so comfortable. However, using this elevated sleeping apparatus, you are able to delight in a far comfier sleeping experience outdoor.

Entertainment Events

After a fun event, many people worry about where they are going to crash for the night especially for those who live long distance. Fortunately, with the help of these cot tents, you can give your guests a fun, comfortable sleep at night.

Travel Adventures

Sometimes, when you travel, especially to some non-touristy locations, finding an accommodation could be a challenge. But if you have cot tent with you, you’ll be ready for “what-ifs” situations and you don’t have to spend the night in your car.


So, there you have it, the list of the best cot tents we want to recommend. Hopefully, it has been helpful in helping you decide which one you think suits you best. If you find it helpful, feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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