Best Family Camping Tents For A Family Vacation

best family camping tents

Are you looking for the best family camping tent? If you do, you are in the right place.

Choosing the right camping tent is a tricky job, particularly with the wide range of options to make your pick from. So in order to help you choose better, I have come up with a complete guideline for beginners and adventurers on the different kinds of family camping tents.

In the following section, you will get to grasp an in-depth insight into the various top-rated family tents types and finally make your best pick.

Best Family Camping Tents

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent6 person4.2/5
Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent8 person4.3/5
Coleman Evanston Dome Tent6 person4.3/5
CORE Dome Tent6 person4.4/5
Timber Ridge Large Family Tent10 person4.4/5

Camp with the Good Family Tent

Camping can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing adventures. Nevertheless, it can also turn out to be the moist, wintry and cold nightmare you could ever think of. Which of the experiences turns out to be a reality totally depends on the camper’s choice of destination, and most importantly, his choice of the best family camping tents.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

True to its name, Coleman 6-person instant Cabin Tent is an instant setup, cabin-type tent. Because it is a cabin-type tent, the frames are pre-attached to the tent itself. This means setting it up would only take a minute or two.

With the height of 6’2”, this would not be a problem for tall people. And because it is a 3-season tent, you will have big windows which would be necessary as you will not have mesh on the tent walls, which means without them, ventilation would be a problem.

Because this tent is freestanding, you are able to easily move it like a box or rotate if you want. This means you don’t really have to depend much on the surface, whether it is concrete, sand, or grass, this tent is going to be comfortable to sleep in.


  • Straightforward and easy to set up
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Good weather protection
  • Good ventilation
  • Extremely spacious leaving a lot of space for big family and their gears


  • Quite heavy
  • Not the easiest thing to stow away
  • Rainfly must be bought separately

Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

If you are looking for the best tent to fight elements, Browning Camping Big Horn tent should be one of your top considerations. This is an amazing tent that boasts a lot of features any family or group of travelers will love.

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family tent works incredibly for any types of seasons: its 150D oxford floor is double the weight of a nylon floor as well as more durable and offers extra strength. Due to the big space it offers, it is perfect for long-term camping.

What I love the most about this tent is the interior. It’s a full-sized tent with enough space for four people and their gears. If you are looking for a durable tent, this would not disappoint either.

Furthermore, it has a very impressive ventilation system which makes it a perfect tent for hot summer days.


  • Easy to pack and very compact
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Very spacious
  • Freestanding
  • Two access door and big windows


  • No vestibules
  • Quite heavy

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

The third one on my list is The Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent. With a footprint of 15 ft. x 12 ft. and a center height of 72 inches, this tent is perfect for a family and group of friends wanting to stay in one tent together.

This amazing dome tent has a big vetted porch with a floor area, offering your protection from insects even if you are not inside the tent. The big windows offer exceptional ventilation as well.

This tent is designed for people who don’t want to spend a lot of their time building their tent, with unceasing pole sleeves, the impressive pin-and-ring design, and user-friendly easy to clip attachments.

What I like about that is the way how it is easily set up – no more complications as you can easily remove it from its bag and off you go!

Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system will surely protect you from bad weather, so you will be able to enjoy your time in nature without getting wet. It has a Wind Strong frame that is very resistant to heavy winds, zips that prevent leakage, as well as waterproof flooring which improves the durability of the tent floor to stop needle holes from emerging.


  • Comes with a huge carrying bag
  • Power access point
  • Standing room


  • No dividers
  • A little low

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

CORE Dome Tent

Another tent that definitely falls as one the best cabin tents, CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent, is a must check out. This tent has H2O Block Technology which makes this product perfect for group camping under harsh weather condition.

The construction is very straightforward and easy to set up due to the poles that are already pre-connected to the main tent. What you only have to do is unpack, unravel, and put up the tent.

When you’re done setting it up, this tent will occupy 11 ft. x 9 ft. surface while the height of the center that measures 72” allows tall people to stand and not to bend their neck.

This tent is designed based on H2O Block Technology which makes the fabric and airtight seams water-resistant. The removable and fully-taped rainfly offers extra protection from the rain if ever the weather becomes hostile or when the sun is out and the temperatures become too harsh. The roof mesh and easy-to-adjust ground vent let the fresh air to flow within the entire tent to prevent dry atmosphere.


  • Comes with rainfly
  • Electric access port for campgrounds
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Don’t give space for gears when filled in by six people
  • Lacks more useful features

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent

Last, but not least is the Timberridge WF141080TU family dome tent, which is of course, perfect for a big family or group of campers.

It has two large big “D” style access doors that give you easy entry and exit points. This tent comes with very durable fiberglass frame that has pole pockets that guarantee to give you an easy setup and stability that surely makes any trip a fun and comfortable camping experience. Hooks are very easy to fix. The body, in general, is ideal for ventilation and protects you from bugs.

By using this tent, you may expect to have a high-density fly frame for extra stability. You are even able to place partition and set the Grand Pass into two rooms to have privacy if you are planning to camp as a group.

There is a gear organizer that offers more storage space better than other tents on the market. It has a special design that is convenient that suits well for those who want to set up a solar energy charging system. Furthermore, it has its own carry which makes storing easier.


  • Good height and size
  • Easy to set up
  • Freestanding
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Not the best for rainy weather
  • No vestibule

Best Family Camping Tents

If you are planning to camp with your family, nothing can work better than the family camping tents. Nowadays, tent designers are coming up with tad more complex designs that scale up their favorite shapes of small tents into comparatively bigger family tents.

These tents are roomy, spacious and comfortable to be in. While buying a family tent, the first thing that you should take note of is the space. Your tent should be roomy enough to accommodate at least two to three members.

A decent family tent will have two bedrooms (minimum). They will also have adequate groundsheets that will prevent insects, damp and cold to intrude in the comfort level of the inhabitants.

These tents are also suitable for camping sessions, where you take your little children, as they come with a bedroom divider that can be unzipped by your child when he wants to reach out to you.

Although the family tents are slightly heavier in size, they are perfectly designed to be carried in your car. So weight will never turn out to be an issue. Most of these tents are available in the most innovative styles that are teamed up with the ultimate comfort level.

Pod Living Tents

These are probably one of the largest tents on the market and are perfect for your family. These tents come with a central living area and several other sleeping areas that we know as pods.

These pods lead off like small spokes from a wheel’s hub. The interiors of the tent are roomy and spacious. They are also particularly ideal for the family setting where the little ones can have their own private spaces with proper air gaps in the middle.

Likewise, it will also have a proper area in the heart that will help the inhabitants to congregate as and when they want. Hey, look inside these tents!

Frame Tents for Your Family

These tents are one of the best family camping tents which are relatively stable. They can range between small tents that accommodate two to three people, to huge, massive marquees. They are also pretty easy to pitch and they turn out to be excellent shelters for many.

The main disadvantage of the tent, however, is the height because even the biggest units of these tents have limited heights. This won’t really affect you if you use the tent simply for sleeping.

The ridge tent can be your ideal family tent too, but only if you avoid the rainy and wintry seasons.

Dome Tents

Dome tents make excellent family tents. These tents are nothing more than flexible pole tents. Dome tents are relatively more suitable for small families.

The actual shape of the tents tends to bend a flexible pole into a semi-circle which has both its ends attached to a durable tape or a webbing strap that runs across the tent’s base. This often acts as the groundsheet.

There are two flexible poles that cross in the middle to develop a square dome, where three poles make a hexagon. The sides of these tents are slightly vertical so there is more headroom and also equally wide floor area.

The stability of dome tents is relatively good in the smaller models. However, unlike the ridge tents, these domes are likely to be less stable as they increase in size.

Inflatable Tents

These are one of the rarest but simplest family tents ever. However, this is more suitable for small families with two to three members. Although these tents are mostly rare, many people buy them.

These tents are slightly more extravagant and are also relatively heavy. However, one major benefit of these tents is the installation. All that you have to do is peg out the different corners, turn on the compressor and the tent will automatically inflate itself in a couple of minutes. Want to know how fast you can inflate them? See an inflatable tent time test of four different tent manufacturers.

It involves less effort and is certainly quite comfortable to be in. Although they might not be really roomy and spacious in the bigger models, these tents can indeed be a good idea, if you are taking a solo trip and are lazy enough to carry out the long drawn tent installation process.

Family Tents for Hiking

If you are planning to hike or go for a mountaineering session with your family, then the hiking family tents can be a great option. Hiking and mountain camping tents let the camper leave the good tracks and try his camping sessions in the wilderness.

If you are someone who is looking out to spend some family time in a desolate location, these family camping tents can be the best option. They are specifically made to be easily installed in desolate locations which are away from the popular camping sites.

They are made of light materials and are also relatively smaller. This makes it easier for you to carry it in your bag pack. Most of these tents are available in the shape of a tunnel which ensures that the tent is rigid and resistant to the cold winds.

Family tents for hiking are crafted in a manner to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. They can stand against the roughest or coldest winds, stormy rains, and sudden snowfalls. They are perfect to use on your long excursions. Going on an expedition? Look at my selection of expedition tents that could serve you well.

The low profile of hiking family tents provides good wind resistance. Additionally, they also have a geodesic design that keeps the tents stable and helps in quick pitching.

Final Word

You and your family should have a relaxing and fun camping trip and to have it you should pick a quality family tent. When looking for a family tent, consider the number of people that the tent accommodates. Your tent should accommodate at least two to three family members.

A decent family tent will have at least two rooms. Why is this important? Two rooms or more means more privacy for you and your spouse, and a space for your kids playing. Your tent should have a bedroom divider that can be easily opened by children to reach you when they have a need to.

Adequate groundsheets will prevent insects, damp and cold to interfere with your enjoyable camping time, so consider this feature of the tent as well. Family tents are heavy but I am sure this isn’t a problem for you as you will take your family on a camping trip with a car.

I also talked about types of family tents you can choose from. Pod living family tents are one of the biggest on the market and if you want to have cozy camping, choose this one. Frame tents are stable camping tents for a family that are easy to pitch, so if you worry that you will spend too much time setting up your tent, this might be the right one.

If you have a small family then you should consider getting dome tents that are relatively more suitable for small families and inflatable tents which are one of the rarest but simplest family tents ever. Inflatable tents are set up in minutes so you won’t spend your precious time on this activity.

And last but not least, you can get a hiking family tent that is easier to carry and will provide you with protection from the harsh weather. It is ideal for your family going to camp on a desolate camping location. Do you want to camp without worries of winds and heavy rain that can ruin your camping tent? I am sure you want security for you and your loved ones and if this is the case, you should definitely choose a hiking family tent.

Now choose one of the best family camping tents from my list above that will make your camping sessions even more enjoyable and amazing. Check out the features and get your favorite tent to enjoy your camping session like never before.

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