Best Family Tents For Bad Weather

Best Family Tents for Bad Weather

Are you planning a camping trip with your family? Anyone would agree that going on a camping unprepared can ruin the whole experience, especially for kids. That’s why making sure you’ve got everything you need is a must in order to make your trip successful and unforgettable for each member of the family.

However, there are things that can get out of your control. One of those things is the weather. That’s why looking for the best family tents for bad weather is something you have to prioritize. Below is a quick buying guide you can follow to make sure you have the right tent for you and your family.

My Top Picks for the Best Family Tents for Bad Weather

Here are my suggestions for the best tents for the particular purpose. Tents were selected regarding durability and bad weather conditions.

CORE Instant Cabin Tent9 person4.6/5
Coleman Montana Tent8 person4/5
Ozark Trail XL Family Cabin Tent10 person4.2/5
Browning Big Horn Tent8 person4.3/5
NTK Arizona GT Waterproof Tent9 person4.7/5

Do you want to know more about these tents? I prepared more information about them in the text below.

CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin TentThe first on my list is the Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent. Due to its massive size, it can comfortably fit 3 queen-sized mattresses. With the center height of 6 feet, this tent can really accommodate anyone comfortably.

This tent comes with a lantern hook, organizer pockets, and gear loft. It also features a power cord access port that is entirely closable when it’s not in use.

It’s made of water-repellent fabrics that have active bead technology which features quick water runoff matched with watertight seams and water-resistant window and door seals. Lastly, it has fully-taped removable rainfly, which makes it also ideal for summertime as it gives a proper ventilation.


  • Removable rainfly for ventilation
  • Smart organizing system for easily accessing tools
  • High size allows tall people to fit in comfortably


  • Too large for a smaller family
  • 20 lbs. weight is quite heavy

If your family includes 4 campers, check my CORE cabin tent review for 6 people.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person TentAnother family tent that I like is the Coleman WeatherMaster 8-person dome tent. With its resistant waterproof floor with fully-welded floor seams that will stop water from leaking into the tent, it can surely keep you dry and comfortable on your next camping trip.

For the size, it is surprisingly lightweight and pretty simple to set up. This tent also features a big hinged door that will make you feel as if you’re in your own home. Do your kids want privacy? This tent boasts a room divider that divides the tent into two rooms.

Another feature you will like about it is the color-coded pole system, which means pitching it won’t only be easy but can also fun for your kids.


  • Dividers for privacy
  • Hinged door for easy access
  • Color-coded pole system for easy setup
  • Two doors
  • Great ventilation system
  • Good internal height
  • Large internal space
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty


  • Can be an overkill for a smaller family
  • Flimsy metal stakes

Here is my Coleman WeatherMaster tent review.

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Family Cabin TentThis is a 3-season cabin-style tent that can accommodate up to 10 people. Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent is a water-resistant tent that comes with a taped fly seams, rainfly, as well as a tub floor. This makes sure that the water doesn’t leak into the tent when it rains or the weather gets foggy.

Just like the previous model, this tent features removable dividers that can make up to three rooms to give privacy. It has a built-in mud mat as well. You can also fit in up to 3 queen-sized mattresses comfortably if you want.

It boasts improved weather armor feature to ensure your family will keep dry and comfortable despite the bad weather. The tent is able to endure a heavy rainstorm and strong winds, as long as you set it up properly.


  • Dividers for privacy
  • Large internal space
  • Room dividers
  • Built-in mud mat
  • Front canopy


  • Doesn’t have a power port system

Are you looking for a bigger tent than this Ozark model? Read a full review of the Ozark Trail cabin tent for 12 people.

Browning Big Horn Family Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn TentOne of the best family tents for wet weather is Browning Big Horn Tent. This is a 2-room tent that boasts a durable 150D oxford floor that has a 2000mm layer and a polyester fly perfect for rainy days.

This tent comes with 2 doors and 6 windows and it can accommodate up to 8 people. It has sealed seams and flies for extra wet weather protection and features a tri-pole freestanding system.

This is an amazing freestanding tent that will give a spacious living space for your family. It has a great thick floor tarp and has an entrance for each room. It is also tall enough to make 6 footer campers feel comfortable. It is definitely one of the best investments for growing families.


  • Very spacious
  • Dividers for room privacy
  • Amazing ventilation system
  • Durable construction with a combination of steel and fiberglass supports


  • Door zippers could be better

Here is the Browning Big Horn tent review.

NTK Arizona GT Tent

NTK Arizona GT TentLast on this list, but definitely not the least, is NTK Arizona GT Tent that can accommodate from 9-10 people. This is a well-built and super reliable 3-season family tent with a fully covered fly that will protect you in any weather condition.

NTK Arizona GT tent is a 2-room type tent that has excellent ventilation system with all the mesh used on it. It is a non-freestanding with a hybrid construction between a tunnel-type, dome, and extended-dome.

It is designed with two rooms, and it has a full coverage fly, so you can assure that you and your family will be protected from any type of weather condition.


  • Nice layout design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Has 2 doors
  • Offers panoramic views
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doesn’t have a power port system

To know more about this tent, here you have an NTK Arizona tent review.

Family Tent Buying Guide

It is important for you to answer some questions that will ease your purchase. You should focus on the size, type, and shape of your tent.

Know the Right Size

Tent companies usually miscalculate the number of campers who can fit cozily in a tent. As a general rule, make sure to always have an extra space that can add another person or two in the tent. For example, if there are 4 of you in the family, buy a tent that is advertised as a 5 or 6-person tent.

Choose the Right Type

Tents that are meant to protect you from wet weather come in two types: 3-season and 4-season. Usually, a 3-season tent is enough to keep your family dry as it can handle most weather types you are likely to encounter.

On the other hand, 4-season tents are more suitable for colder weather and heavier snowfall, the downside, however, is that they usually don’t have a ventilation system that a 3-season tent can offer.

Pick the Right Shape

It’s also important to pick a tent shape that works best for your family. Dome type and cabin type are the most common.

A cabin-type tent looks like the shape of a cabin or a house. They’re normally spacious and will let you stand up straight inside the tent.

On the other hand, a dome resembles an igloo and usually don’t offer the same headroom as a previous type can offer. Both family tents usually come with a zip-down divider which will give some privacy. Or you can leave the divider up and have one large, common sleeping place.


You don’t have a tent for a bad weather yet? If you are planning an outdoor vacation with your family in the part of the world where rain is common, then you should think about getting one. You know how it is when your clothes are wet and how fast it gets cold.

Remember, you are going camping with kids and they are not so tolerating as you might be, especially if you have younger children. So you shouldn’t let circumstances to overcome your family’s enjoyment time. A good camping tent should be a priority to any camper, no matter where he is going camping, with whom or what are his goals at a camping site.

What does a good camping tent have to make sure you and your family members stay dry and satisfied? Well, I mentioned some of the factors such as space, tent type, and shape but there are other factors to consider as well. Your tent should have a high hydrostatic head (HH) and this means how water resistant your tent actually is. But you should also know that a tent has to be stitched well so you won’t experience tent leaking.

The most common problem in bad weather conditions are zippers where the rain can easily enter in the tent. I suggest you choose a tent that has zippers with a cover. What about a waterproof tent? Tents are made from different fabrics that have a waterproof coat which protects from the rain and snow.

How can you secure your tent even more from the rain? Today this task is easy as you can get a large tarp and put it over your tent and surroundings. This is an easy solution that will double your protection from the rain getting inside of a tent and also make your tent surroundings drier than it would be without a tarp. It is also good to have a tarp for placing it under your tent before you pitch it.

One more basic thing that some campers (especially beginners) forget. Pitching a tent on the right place is a basic rule when you are camping where it rains a lot. When you get on your camping place, look around you and find a place where the rain will not gather. My suggestion is that you don’t pitch it on soft grounds, on slopes, and in depressions.

And what can you do more to stay dry inside a tent? Be prepared and take some plastic bags with you when going camping. Put clothes and other valuable things that shouldn’t get wet in the bags. Bags with zippers are great for this occasion.

Don’t forget to pack a raincoat for your family and also other clothes like jackets, socks, shirts etc. You should have a synthetic jacket or coat that will not absorb the water (forget about cotton clothes in the rainy conditions).

Hopefully, this article helped you to find the best family tents for bad weather so you will spend your vacation dry and happy. Before you spend your hard earned money on any tent, make sure that it suits the needs of your family. Again, there are specific considerations to be aware of and those things should be your top priority.

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