Best Pop Up Tent For The Beach – Enjoy On The Sun Protected

Best Pop Up Tent For The Beach

I recently went on a three-day shoreline hiking and camping trip. I got some advice from fellow friends and campers, but I was surprised that they all mostly centered on this particular tent. Together, they rated this tent as the best pop up tent for the beach.

Best Pop Up Tent for the Beach

Let’s take a look at the features of OurdoorMaster pop up tent for the beach.


Best Pop Up Tent For The BeachThe OutdoorMaster pop up beach tent is a glacier aqua blue and storm cloud gray pop-up style tent. It boasts a pop-up, no-assembly design for changing clothes, storing chilled items, sun, rain, wind, and other inclement weather situation. Its fabric is UV SPF 50+ protected.

It comes with stakes, string, and sandbags if you decide to use them. The tent also comes with a handy carrying bag. OutdoorMaster is so confident in their product that they also offer a 6-month warranty.

This tent has one door, weighs a little over eight pounds all folded up, and the dimensions are 52 inches high x 95 inches wide x 51 inches long. This is big enough to house two adults and a child or animal during the day, but at night it fits only one adult and a child sleeping bag, or two child sleeping bags. While a door on a tent may seem like nothing to brag about, a lot of beach tents don’t have doors or zippers at all.

The windows are more of a privacy screen than actual windows. They are made of a mesh nylon and polyester mix. They also help to keep the air moving so that the air stays nice and cool. This also has a privacy flap so that you can Velcro fasten the windows shut when you need to do something, such as changing your clothes.


Assembly and take down aren’t quite as simple as the manufacturer’s video on their website, and it definitely takes longer than “a few seconds” as the box brags, but it’s still pretty fast and easy. To set up, you just need to lock and connect four corner poles.

Disassembling the tent is the same process in reverse, simply unlock and disconnect the poles again. Just in case you forget the instructions or lose them, they are sewn into the carrying bag case. I really enjoyed that feature as I frequently lose and forget things, so this tent is one of the best pop up tent for the beach for sure.

My Experience with the Tent

For my three-day shoreline hike and camping trip, I packed up the OutdoorMaster tent into my truck and proceeded to the meetup site. We enjoyed the sun and surf as we scouted around the sands and waves, even picking up some trash into trash bags that we had brought along. When the sun got high in the sky around mid-day, the temperatures soared and the air turned into a stiff, hot swelter like a sauna.

We began to set up our sun shelters. I made quite the scene with my pop up tent as it took considerably less time to set up. I’d also practiced at home, so it was faster for me to set up my tent than others who were just unboxing it for the first time. All in all, it took me about three minutes from choosing my site and unpacking my tent from my travel gear.

It took me an extra minute or so because I hadn’t folded and secured my tent right last time, so the Velcro clasps had hooked around a leg stent, and also hooked into my tent fabric. Fortunately, everything was fine and okay. Lesson learned, make sure to pack up your tent according to directions.

Once I had my tent standing, I crawled inside and pretty much just cooled down as I zoned out, cat-napped, and drank water. I felt unsure about being in a tent at high noon without any sunscreen (the stuff I put on earlier had just worn off), but the blue tent fabric kept away any sunburns and worked to dull out some of the light, helping my nap and providing a nice shade.

OutdoorMaster Baby Beach Tent

I wish I’d measured a few other things that I hadn’t brought, like an inflatable mattress, because I really think this tent might fit a single size inflatable mattress with a bit of space to spare.

In a couple hours, I woke up in my blue glacier OutdoorMaster tent feeling slightly groggy. Some more water fixed that. I even dug in my pack and procured some snacks.

When the afternoon began to fade into would-be rush hour traffic, it had cooled down enough on our trip to venture back out. We were anxious to dispose of the beach trash we’d collected since it had started to stink in the heat.

I was able to unlock and collapse all four of my tent stents like a pro, though it always feels a little awkward still being in the tent as you remove the last stent and having a nylon blanket fort as you crawl out. I suppose I could have bent over it and removed the last stent from the outside.

When night came, we made camp and a small fire. The OutdoorMaster beach tent didn’t do much to keep the heat in but it kept the air ventilated and moving. I didn’t need my sleeping bag, so I just used it as a mattress beneath me. In the morning, dew and precipitation from the damp environment were on the outside fabric of my tent, and none of it on me as I slept.

Days two and three were uneventful and mostly I just used the beach tent to take shelter from the high sun. Day three, it even sprinkled a little bit and the tent did a fine job of keeping the water out, even though it doesn’t say anything about that on the box.

Final Thoughts

In review, the best pop up tent for the beach came highly recommended as the OutdoorMaster pop-up beach tent from quite a few friends. I found the item well packaged, and well represented except for the claims on the box where it said it only took a few seconds to set up, but tents aren’t pop-out origami, it has rods that you need to put into place.

The tent did a great job of keeping out the sun and cooling things down with the provided shade. I loved the privacy flaps for my windows, and I loved that this tent has a zipper entrance where so many other beach tents do not have.

It comes in blue color and will protect you from the sun. This beach tent will provide you privacy for sleeping, changing clothes or changing baby’s diapers. The tent is made by durable polyester and oxford fabric, with a waterproof rating up to PU3000 so it will protect you from the rain as well.

Wind won’t be a problem since you will have sandbags and fiberglass poles to secure your tent. It is lightweight and easy to carry around when you are searching for a perfect spot on the beach. In the package, you will get the tent, a carry bag, iron stakes, plastic beach stakes, and wind strings.

Enjoy with the beach tent and don’t forget to put a sunscreen on and drink a lot of water. I also recommend that you stay away from the sun from 12 am to 4 pm.

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