Best Portable Shower For Camping – Have A Comfort At Your Camp

Best Portable Shower for Camping

When camping, having the same comfort offered by a home would be nice. Because you cannot carry everything along with, you should set your priorities and choose the ones you should have.

For many of us, finding the best portable shower for camping is very important. If that is your line of worries, what you have to do is to decide which model suits you needs and preferences. Here are some of the portable showers that you can use when camping.

Best Portable Shower For Camping

Texsport Outdoor Camping Shower32 x 10 x 8 inches3.8/5
OZARK Non-Instant Shower Tent7ft long by 3.5 wide4.3/5
Stinky Pete Deluxe Shower18 x 48 x 90 inches3.9/5

Features of the Best Portable Shower for Camping

While choosing the right portable shower for you needs can be overwhelming, it’s not hard to get the one of our top 3 favorites you may want to check out in more details.

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

The first Texsport portable shower we want to introduce offers a five-gallon water tank, a removable hanging towel bar, and mesh shower rack, which make things convenient.

This model also has an extremely big zippered D-style door which makes for it easy to enter and exit. The durable taffeta walls are covered with polyurethane for durability and it also has a rip stop polyurethane floor that’s easy to remove, together with a rainfly.


  • Rust-resistant chain-corded steel poles
  • Great ventilation due to the mesh panels and windows
  • Storage bag
  • Lightings for good nighttime visibility


  • Assembling can be quite confusing
  • Might not hold the full five gallons of water

OZARK 2-Room Non-Instant Shower Tent


The best feature of this OZARK portable shower is its 2-room set up that makes privacy even easier to attain. There are a lot of ventilation and a detachable rainfly. It also had a towel rack and a holder for all your toiletries, all you might want to add is a stool where you can place your clothing on.

With these features, it may sound overwhelming; however, fully setting it up would only take 5 minutes. Possibly less!


  • Comes with a hot water shower that easily heats up
  • Easy to set up and town down
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Has separate changing and shower rooms
  • Has a toiletry holder and towel rack


  • Doesn’t have a hole for a shower head
  • Has to be staked

GigaTent Stinky Pete 1 Person Deluxe Shower

Stinky Pete Deluxe Shower

This is another portable shower that is easily to build even without the use of instruction and with only one person.  GigaTent Stinky Pete 1 Person Deluxe Shower is very tall and spacious. It’s also extremely sturdy.

The materials used for this portable shower is the same as the ones used for making pop-up hunting blinds. The frame also has impressive quality. It comes with a slot at the top to put in a shower wand through. Other features you will love about this is the strong hook and strap designed for a water bag.


  • Very tall and spacious
  • Very easy to set up and torn down
  • Attached floor to keep the bugs out


  • Some may find it too tall to put on the rain fly


If you have decided to set up a tent and camp in that same place for quite a long time, you must now allow the weight to hold you back. There are a lot of portable showers that are lightweight. But if you have a car with you, it’s not really something you have to worry about.


Whether you’re planning on camping by yourself or together with other people, knowing the number of people planning to take a shower during a 24-hour period is important. If there are two people who are going to use the portable shower, then using it every other day would be a great idea, on the other hand, if you’re alone, then you can enjoy show every day.

Tankless vs. Tanks

There are portable camping showers that come with a bag, pouch, or storage tank to hold and heat water, a suitable option when you would like to enjoy getting singly clean even with a limited source of water.

Taking a shower with you on your trip is going to make your camping experience a lot more enjoyable, not to mention, hygienic. Do your research in order to discover which one will be the most ideal for your specifications and needs!


After spending the whole day in the wilderness, having a quick dip in the lake is not just enough sometimes. Using an actual shower would be really nice. It would be nice to use one that will leave you feeling clean, fresh, and ready to go on the trail.

Using the best portable shower for camping, you will get the comfort of a shower head without leaving the wild. Depending on the amount of water you think you need, the features you’d rather have, and other preference you’d want to enjoy, there will always be a perfect one for you.

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