Best Rated 4 Season Tents For All Year Camping

Best rated 4 Season Tent

A person can go seven days without food, three without water, but might not survive more than a few hours against inclement weather. Whatever the weather, you want the best rated 4 season tents, so you can throw it in your truck and use it all year long.

Your spouse and kids will thank you in the warmth and safety from insects and pests. I put five tents to the test last week on my little expedition and risked my warmth and tailbone, so you don’t have to.

Best Rated 4 Season Tents

It is time that I reveal you five camping tents that are appropriate for all four seasons and were evaluated as best in this category.

GEERTOP 4-season Tent2 person3.9/5
Weanas 4 Seasons Double Layer Tent2 person3.7/5
Luxe Tempo 4 Season Tent2 person4.3/5
Flytop 3-4 Season Tent2 person3.8/5
MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent3 person5/5

Here you have details about each of the mentioned tents that are good to use all year long.

GEERTOP 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent

GEERTOP 4 season Backpacking TentThis GEERTOP 4-season backpacking tent comes in two colors: banana yellow and shamrock sorbet green, and it is just big enough for two normal-sized sleeping bags.

However, if an extra-wide sleeping bag is needed, or if both occupants are larger, or if there are any pets coming along, this tent isn’t going to be big enough. It is perfect to accommodate two people.

I found this tent about exactly what I was expecting for the price. It was reasonably easy and fast to set up and wasn’t too heavy as I lugged it around on my back. This tent was quite cozy for me and I had plenty of space around me inside the tent for my things.

I like the mesh sidings that I could open up on hotter days, and also that I could close the flap solidly over them. Read the analysis of the Geertop tent and know more.

WEANAS 4-Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent

WEANAS 4 Seasons Backpacking TentThis WEANAS 4-seasons tent is cozy for one person but just barely fits two sleeping bags. It comes in many colors and has a small size for one to two people and a medium size for three people. The tent is lightweight at just under three pounds, and I felt the quality was quite good.

I was concerned that the light fabric would tear easily, but it didn’t. I had mixed feelings about the ground stakes because while they were sharp, they also seemed a little flimsy, so I worried about inserting them into the ground if it was too hard.

Luxe Tempo 2-Person 4-Season Tent

Luxe Tempo 4 Season TentComing in bumblebee yellow as well as slate grey, the Luxe Tempo 2-person 4-season tent is like the others in that it can house two sleeping bags side by side or comfortably fit one person with lots of personal items, but any more than that, it’s simply too small.

Unlike the others, the front door canvas flap is made with style, and it’s possible to prop it up like a little porch, say to provide shade or shelter under a vertical rain. But it’s a little heavier, at just under six pounds packed up. It has two doors, a good ventilation system, and I found it sturdy and waterproof.

Now, what I liked the best about this tent was its unique mesh gear loft, a place where the cross bars meet inside the tent that can be affixed with a mesh netting to hold things. With two people, this loft can really make the difference between crowded and just cozy enough.

Maybe you are interested to know more about it, so check this Luxe Tempo review.

Flytop 4-Season 2-Person Double Layer Backpacking Tent

Flytop 4 Season Backpacking TentThe Flytop 4-season backpacking tent weighs six pounds, has two doors, a snow skirt, comes in different colors, and has a mesh that can be covered with solid flaps. It can fit two sleeping bags tight, or be quite cozy for just one person.

Mine had a small hole in the rain fly, so some rain came into the tent, but I was able to patch it easily enough, and after that, it did a pretty good job of keeping out the rain and cold. Here is how you can patch your tent floor easily.

It took me fifteen minutes to assemble this tent on my own and I only had to consult the instructions twice, so it was fairly intuitive. I liked that it had a little hook as well as storage pockets that I adore. It is a pretty good camping tent.

Click here to read the review of this tent.

MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent

MoKo Waterproof Family Camping TentThis MoKo waterproof family camping tent looks exactly like the color of puppet Kermit the frog and blended perfectly in with the scrubland valley I was camping in. The red accents reminded me of a fishing pole.

This tent can fit three sleeping bags side by side, so it is comfortable for two campers, or very comfortable for a camper to be in. It weighs just about ten pounds so it was mildly uncomfortable to lug around on my back as I hiked.

This Moko waterproof tent has a sort of open front porch, with a doored inner room, so if you have too many things, you could just leave them in that front area, called a vestibule, and for the most part, they’d stay safe and dry.

Personally, I had trouble setting up this tent and I felt like it took longer than it should have because my tent seemed to be missing the instructions. I felt that the fabric was sturdy and it did a good job of keeping the rain out. The zippers functioned well and all was as it should be.

Here is also a full MoKo 3-person tent review.

Best Rated 4 Season Tents

My personal prize for the best rated 4 season tents has to go to the Luxe Tempo freestanding tent. After I was done hiking I found myself setting this tent up just to let some of my hiking gear dry after getting wet on the way home.

I didn’t want to set them on the ground because the dogs have a way of making things disappear into holes in the backyard. But I wanted one more excuse to crawl inside this tent one last time before I put it away for the end of hiking season.

If I summarize, the Geertop tent is appropriate for two campers and comes in two colors. It is easy to pitch and carry in your backpack. The tent has a mesh so you will be able to have a good ventilation. If you will camp alone then this tent will assure you have enough space for yourself and your items.

Weanas tent is another 4-season tent that you can use on the next camping trip. It comes in many colors and you can get a small tent for one person or two or a medium tent for three occupants. The tent weighs under three pounds so it is ok to carry it on your back. The rainfly and footprint are made of waterproof polyester fabric. The price of the tent is quite ok for the tent’s features.

Luxe Tempo is a good tent for two campers with sleeping bags or for a camper. The front door canvas flap is made with style, and it’s possible to prop it up like a little porch. It is sturdy and waterproof but it is heavier (six pounds) than other tents that I recommend. This Luxe tent has a unique mesh gear loft, a place where the cross bars meet inside the tent that can be affixed with a mesh netting to hold things.

Flytop also weighs six pounds and it has two doors. It comes in different colors and can accommodate two people or one camper comfortably with his belongings. The tent has a rainfly as any 4-season tent should have. A hook will serve for lightening and pockets for storage.

MoKo tent comes in nice green color and accommodates two campers comfortably with sleeping bags. It is the heaviest among my picks as it weighs ten pounds. The tent has an open front porch, with a doored inner room for you to store your gear. It is a sturdy tent with quality zippers.

It is your choice which tent will you get, just consider all the features before you buy it. Take care of the tent and you will be able to use it year by year.

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