Choose The Best Tent For Heavy Rain That Will Protect You

best tent for heavy rain

Are you going camping and worry about the rain and possible tent leakage? When planning your camping trip, you must be considerate of the weather if you want to enjoy your outdoor stay. If you don’t, you may face bad weather that may ruin your camping experience.

The best time to go on a camping trip is when it is dry outdoors but this would mean only camping in the summer months. This, however, is not practical for avid campers like yourself who prefer camping all year long. You, therefore, have to find ways to keep yourself warm and dry when camping and this entails finding the best tent for heavy rain.

There are a lot of tents out there, all promising to protect you from the elements but many fail in this regard. On close scrutiny, the Coleman Evanston tent emerged as one of the finest tents in protecting you when it rains hard.

Let’s take a closer look at what this tent has to offer and some of its features.

The Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Rain is one of the outdoor elements that may quickly ruin your camping experience. You may have planned your camping trip early in advance and found that a particular day will be sunny and dry and as such, you choose to head out to camp on that day.

You pack all your supplies and pitch a tent on a nice spot in your favorite campsite, then the unimaginable happens, it begins to rain. Then you get into your tent with the hope that it will keep the water out but this is not the case. Your tent was not built to withstand heavy rain and in no time, the interior of your tent gets flooded with water.

It is, therefore, important to get a tent that can withstand harsh weather conditions and the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is a perfect tent for such conditions. Here are some of the amazing features of this tent that make it ideal for the harsh weather campings.

Features of the Tent

You need a tent that will keep rain out when you are camping and this shelter is one of the best in that regard. Below are some of its attributes.

Easy setup

Setting up this tent is easy and this is one of the amazing features that set this monster apart from other tents. You can pitch this tent up in less than ten minutes and this way you will have enough time to perform other camp activities.

It comes with pre-attached poles that are color-coded, thereby making it easy for you to assemble and erect the tent.

Strong and durable design

The exterior of this tent is made of a heavy-duty polyester material that makes the tent strong and durable. Its heavy-duty nature makes is resistant to the harsh outdoor elements and this means that you will be able to use it for a long period of time without any signs of wear and tear.

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The tent also features a waterproof coating that prevents water from seeping into the tent when it rains. You are, therefore, assured to remain warm and dry and this is the reason why it is the most appropriate tent for protection.

Heavy rainfall, however, is not the only element that you will have to deal with when being outdoors. There are also strong winds to deal with and this Coleman tent will protect you from this as well.

The frame of this amazing tent has been built with the latest technology that provides added strength and stability even in the face of strong winds. The tent is also not that high and this means that it won’t act as an obstacle to the wind. It is, therefore, not likely to get blown away even in the stormiest of nights and this will ensure that you are safe and protected within the tent.

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Enhanced weather resistance

Other than a waterproof exterior, the tent contains other weather resistance features that make it ideal for outdoor camping. This includes protected seams, zipper protection, and waterproof floors.

The protected seams are inverted and this means that the tent’s needle holes are inside the tent. This ensures that water does not seep into the tent when it rains and this will go a long way to keep you dry as you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

The tent’s zippers are covered with a cuff designed using weather-resistant material that ensures that the water doesn’t get into the tent using these openings. You will also appreciate the water-proof floor that comes with this tent. Most tents hardly provide floor surfaces but this tent goes the extra mile to provide you with one that is waterproof.

You will, therefore, not get soaked when it rains outside even when your campsite is soaked in water. You will remain warm and dry for the entire night and this will definitely make your camping experience worthwhile.

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Spacious interior

This camping tent is spacious enough to accommodate four people. With a footprint measuring 10 by 10 feet, this tent is large enough to host four campers. There are tiny pockets within the tent that you can use to store your personal items.


You need to protect yourself from the rain when you are out there camping and the Coleman Evanston 4 person tent is the best tent for bad weather that you can get in that regard. With a waterproof exterior and enhanced weather resistant features, you can be sure that you will remain warm and dry even when it is raining heavily outside.

This article also highlights other features that make this tent one of the best for outdoor activities. You will pitch this tent in about ten minutes. The color-coded pre-attached poles will be of a big help here.

What makes this shelter perfect for heavy rain conditions? A heavy-duty polyester material and waterproof coating are responsible for that and it will protect you as no ordinary tent would. It also has protected seams, zipper protection, and waterproof floors as a guarantee for your safety and dryness in the tent. It is sturdy so it will serve you for many years without tearing apart.

When it rains heavily the wind can be also present. Don’t worry because this tent will protect you from the wind as well. It has the latest technology that provides added strength and stability even in the face of strong winds.

What is also vital to understand when you camp in a heavy rain? Pitch your tent on the spot where water isn’t gathering. You can waterproof your tent with a waterproof spray for an additional protection. Use a tarp and place it above your tent and you will be camping without worries of getting your things wet. To protect your things, bring plastic bags with you where you can put your personal belongings.

With my comprehensive tips, I know that you will have a good time camping, even in a bad weather.

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