Best Tent Under 200 Dollars That You Can Get

best tent under 200

Going camping shouldn’t be a financially traumatic experience, and if it is, buyer’s remorse can really set in and ruin your camping experience. It can also take some time to shop around and find a tent that fits your budget, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re not sure which features you should be looking for. Allow this article on the best tent under 200 dollars to take out all the worry and hassle, so that you can get back to enjoying the trail, the open air, and mother nature. Know more about Eureka Cooper Canyon tent.

Best Tent under 200

After some research I decided to introduce you a tent that has great features and with which you should be satisfied.

EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent

EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 Tent

The EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 – 4 Person Tent has a silly-sounding title because of the company name, like an infomercial or a comic book movie character, but its price point and value are no laughing matter.

The tent is an all-around excellent buy and it has a couple conveniences that other tents don’t have. It stands up very well to foul weather, and is pleasant to set up. It also only weighs about 20 lbs.


This is a 4-person tent colored in khaki sand and copper, so it looks very charming in a desert or prairie setting, but no matter the weather, it still holds up. The tent can hold 4 sleeping bags side by side, and it’s not uncomfortable, but it does feel like a bit of a squeeze. Many people use an air mattress with this tent instead of sleeping bags.

Technically it isn’t exactly a cabin tent, but it’s very reminiscent of one with its straighter walls to help maximize the space inside, along with the big windows on all sides.The tent material is fire retardant coated polyester, so it’s a bit stronger than traditional polyester synthetic tents, and the coating has more rain and weather proofing properties.

This tent is 8 ft long by 8 ft wide by 7 ft tall, has one large door, and 4 windows – one for each side, even the door has a window built into it. This tent has a nice special feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else where all of the windows have coverings, and those coverings can be tucked into premade pockets called “quick stash”  – other tents simply tie them back. In a similar vein, there are also smaller pockets built into the outside designed to hold the guy lines when they are not in use.

All EUREKA! tents have a flooring fabric that appears too thin to be quality, but it’s actually extremely durable, and very waterproof. So if it rains outside, it won’t be seeping in through the tent floor. No matter the tent, it is always recommended to use a floorprint or substitute floorprint like a tarp below the tent. This adds extra protection against rocks, twigs, and sharp pebbles, and it also increases the amount of time that your tent will last, as the floor is the most stepped on part of the tent.

Features inside the tent

a mesh pocketThe tent also boasts some nice internal features on the inside of the tent. Storage features inside of tents make me really happy because I lose things so easily, and this tent has 2 built-in mesh pockets for your things. At the top of the tent is a mesh hammock that can be used to hold some of your lighter weight things, such as electronics or shoes.

It also has some loops for you to hang up a clothesline for drying clothes, as well as a loop for your flashlights or lanterns. Personally, I like to hang my trash bags by this hook so that I always know where it is. There is also a small flap towards the bottom of the tent with a zipper that can be used for power cords and extension cables to go in and out of – I don’t know of any other tent that has this innovative and convenient feature.

Set up

The tent is erected via steel and fiberglass frame with a ring and pin assembly system, with a clip and sleeve assembly system and has 6 fiberglass shock corded poles with clips. It  can be put together easily with just one person.

Because it doesn’t come with a footprint pre-made for this tent, but any old tarp will do to help increase the longevity of the tent’s floor fabric. You’ll want to lay down the footprint first. Next, take the tent out of its carry bag and lay it out. If bad weather is brewing, you’ll want to stake the corners next.

Then, add the poles for the roof, and put on the rainfly using the velcro straps on the roof corners. Stand up the corners. For bad weather, you’ll want to do the guy lines at this step and use high quality stakes. All that’s left is to finish the last few steps, and your tent is all ready to enjoy.

Durability against bad weather

This tent has a great track record for standing up to harsh storms like wind gusts up to 40 mph so it deserves to be the best tent under 200 dollars. But no tent simply set up and left is going to remain standing, proper preparations have to be made with good, high quality stakes on all the corners and using the guy-lines as well. Even with stakes and guy lines, the Eureka! Copper Canyon 4 has been known to remain standing where others have blown over or snapped.

Even when the tent and window flaps are fully sealed up, there are still some gaps designed to be there, and this is for ventilation. So a tiny amount of wind and perhaps a few lucky raindrops will always seep through, and this is well and good for keeping the tent’s moisture under control and making sure that new oxygen is always flowing, instead of being like a vacuum chamber.

Final Word

I feel that the Eureka Copper Canyon 4 is a no-brainer best pick for a family tent that will stand up to bad weather and also last a long time. I love the frustration-free setup, pockets, weather proofing, and that the tent is lighter weight for a tent of this size and class.

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