Best Tents For Rain And Wind That You Can Buy

Best Tents for Rain and Wind

Have you been camping and your tent started to leak after a storm? This is the worst thing that you can experience and it can easily end your outdoor adventure. So, when you go camping in bad weather conditions, don’t compromise with the tent quality and use the best tents for rain and wind. Harsh weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying outdoors. With my help, you can push through your camping plan and have a great time.

Top Picks for the Best Tents for Rain and Wind

I am presenting you the best tents that you can use in a bad weather which are designed to protect you when it starts raining.

Browning Camping Glacier Tent4 person4.4/5
HUI LINGYANG Dome Tent4 person4/5
Best Selling EasyGo Shelter4 person4.4/5
Eureka! Tetragon Waterproof Tent3 person3.8/5
Coleman Elite Weathermaster Tent6 person4.3/5

I think that you should consider the next details of presented tents if you are going to camp in bad weather conditions.

Browning Camping Glacier Tent

Browning Camping Glacier TentBrowning Camping Glacier tent is the first tent that I present to you. To try its full capacity, I tried using this tent in almost every weather condition possible.  As expected, this tent endured 50 mph winds, 18” of snow and a rainstorm.

Designed for extreme weather condition, the floor of this tent is made of 210D Oxford and comes with 2000mm coating.  This means that this bathtub type floor is very durable and will endure years of use.

The pole system of this tent comes with four 25mm poles as well as a central hub. These heavy-duty poles are able to support a great amount of bend in high winds, but at the same time, they are lightweight and perfect for a long day of trekking.

Check out my Browning Glacier tent review.

FiveJoy Pop Up Dome Tent

FiveJoy Instant tentAnother one that I label as the best tent for bad weather is the FiveJoy Pop Up Dome Tent. If you are looking for a tent that is easy to set up, big enough to accommodate at least 4 people, and can endure harsh weather, then this tent is what you are looking for.

This FiveJoy tent has reinforced seams so you can make sure that it is very durable. You will also be happy to know that it is PU coated, which means it will protect you UV rays that may possibly damage the tent itself.

The tent has a dome-like design which makes the rough winds simply glide right over the tent. The tent’s floor is made of the similar material used on the roof and walls, so make sure that you put a tarp under it!

Aside from the aforementioned features, this tent is also great for multifunctional purposes.  You’ll have additional rings inside of the tent on which you can put lanterns or any form of lighting so you will be able to see at night.

Here is a full review of FiveJoy pop up tent.

Best Selling EasyGo Shelter

EasyGoTM ShelterTrue to its name, EasyGoTM Shelter is probably the fastest and most convenient tent you can have. This is another tent which is ideal for harsh weather and requires no firm construction, unlike other tents which you will find.

This is a very comprehensive product. By simply pulling the order together through shelter, you will be able to hold out optimum protection along with a winding security for approximately 4 persons. You can easily pull the string and this easy-to-setup shelter opens to provide you with good rain and wind protection.

Another feature I like about it is the windows’ ability to open and close depending on your preference, which makes it the perfect tent to use when spending time on the beach.

Eureka Tetragon HD Camping Tent

Eureka Tetragon HD tentFor an affordable option that will not compromise your safety against the wind and rain, you may want to go for Eureka Tetragon HD.

This is a freestanding 3-season dome tent that can accommodate at least 3 persons. This tent also features interior mesh pockets that will give you extra storage, and not only that as it comes with a flashlight loop as well as line loops for hanging your clothes.

And of course, the tent is designed to reliably protect you from any harsh weather conditions. The construction of this tent has a bathtub –style floor and double-coated StormShield polyester fly to additionally protect you from unwanted weather elements.

Read Eureka Tetragon tent review to find out more about this tent.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster TentLast on my list is Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent. From the integral lighting system to its divided porch, to easily accessed doors, and to WeatherTec system certain to protect you from heavy rain and strong wind, this is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for the best tent for rain and wind.

Coleman offers ventilation covered properly with the internal meshing between the tent and the fly that offers a good air flow and easily opened meshed window. The opening placed at the bottom of this tent that Coleman calls the ‘Cooler Access’ might be useful to enable airflow and keep condensation in control.

This tent has camping screen room attached which is a great covered entry leading to the main tent that will protect you from the weather elements. If you prefer, you can also divide this tent into two rooms using a divider placed zips in the middle, which makes it perfect for family camping.

If you want to know more about this tent read my Coleman WeatherMaster tent review.

Finding the right tent for this situation requires some considerations you need to look out for.

Tent Features

Camping in the harsh weather conditions without a proper camping tent is a torture. I know how it feels when you wait until the tent starts to leak. When your things get wet inside the tent, you feel like the camping adventure is over and it isn’t far from the truth. If you don’t want to experience what I did, consider the next features that your tent should have when camping in the remote areas or climate with lots of rain.

Stability and Durability: You have to make sure that your tent will keep you dry during the storm. Your tent should be stable by offering sturdy tent poles. This will ensure that it can bear the elements that you may have to encounter.

Fabric: Normally, good tents are made from nylon or polyester. On the top of this, they could also be made using PVC coated canvas or even polycotton. To maximize the use of polyester quality, it has to be layered with polyurethane.

Hydrostatic head: The tent’s ability to prevent water from leaking is measured using a tool called Hydrostatic head. In order to measure correctly, a tube is full of clean water and the tent fabric is put below it.

Ventilation: Using a poor quality tent when it’s raining outside is a deal breaker of the entire trip, but it doesn’t mean it should keep you from having a good ventilation. Condensation is one of the common problems of camping tents, but this could be avoided with a high-quality tent.

Final Word

Are you going camping in a remote area or somewhere where it’s raining a lot? Camping in a bad weather demands for you to have a good plan and organization. Your family members must have additional clothes in case they get wet and everything should be planned ahead. Besides bringing waterproof socks, jacket, sleeping bag and additional pieces of clothes, you will need to have a quality camping tent that will protect you from the weather elements and won’t leak.

So what should a good tent for rain and wind have? Some tents need waterproof coating with PVC or other methods for you to stay dry as canvas, polyester and nylon tents. So what do you need to look in a tent if going to a rainy area? You should know the hydrostatic head (HH) number of your tent. The higher is the number, the better. The scale goes from 800mm to 10,000mm.

Your tent shouldn’t be cheap as you will risk being dry when camping. Tents that are designed for rain have more denier and this means that they are thicker and won’t let the rain come inside your tent so easily. You should also pay attention to the ventilation as you don’t want to be in a place with no air.

There are also other options to waterproof your tent and one of them is to get a waterproof spray that you can use on your tent, shoes and other camping equipment to stay dry. Do you want additional security from the rain? Use a tarp and place it over your tent, it will double your dryness in the tent and around it.

Browning camping glacier tent is a tent that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The tent’s floor is made of Oxford that provides better durability and strength to the floor than other tents with standard flooring. This is a sturdy tent that will protect you in a bad weather.

The FiveJoy dome tent is your second option. The tent is PU coated and is set up fast regarding other sturdy tents available on the market. A dome design of the tent will ensure that winds glide over the tent easily. If you want to set up your tent fast then this can be your selection but put a tarp under the tent to make sure the water won’t affect your camping.

EasyGo shelter is also a fast pitch tent that is good to have when it starts to rain. Eureka tetragon tent is a great option for a family camping as it is designed to protect from the harsh weather elements. It has a bathtub–style floor and double-coated StormShield polyester fly to protect you from the unwanted elements.

And last but not least, you have the Coleman WeatherMaster tent that has WeatherTec system to protect you. Coleman did a great job designing this system and applying it to their tents. This tent also has a good ventilation so you don’t have to worry about the air flow. It has a camping screen room that gives additional protection for you to stay dry.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you and led you to choose one of the best tents for rain and wind. While there are other ways to secure a tent from strong wind and heavy rain using improvised methods, having tents that are designed to fight these elements would be a better option.

Keep in mind that tents come in different shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day there is always one that suits your needs and preference.

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