Best Tree Tents -The Inovative Way Of Camping

Best Tree Tents

Do you want to know which are best tree tents that you can use on your camping trip? Using the best tent shelters is surely one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Camping with tree tents offers the best way to enjoy camping without having to worry about the weather. On top of that, the comfort it offers is a lot better than what ground tents offer. Let us present you tree tents that are popular among campers.

Best Tree Tents

Tentsile Flite Plus Tree House Tent3 person4.3/5
UBOWAY Quadrangle Tree Tent2-3 person4/5
Tentsile Stingray Tree House Tent3 person3.5/5

Features of the Best Tree Tents

Here are details of the tree tents with good features that you should consider having.

Tentsile Flite Plus – Suspended Camping Tree House Tent

Tentsile Flite Plus tree tent

Tentsile tree house tent comes in five different colors. This lightweight hybrid tent is an outstanding 2-person tent that offers shelter and provides the off-the-ground benefits of a typical hammock. It weights only 7.4 lbs., which is pretty lightweight compared to most tree tents you will find in the market, and makes a great option for campers who want to try something more special than a conventional tent or hammock.

This Flite model offers one lightweight durable aluminum pole. The covering is made with the use of a polyester mesh that’s lightweight, waterproof, and works properly to cover the mesh ceiling panels when the weather gets harsh.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to set up when you get used to it
  • Small footprint makes it possible to be set up on almost anywhere


  • Setting up can be quite tricky at first
  • Not so comfortable for two people to sleep in

UBOWAY Quadrangle Hanging Tree Tent Double Hammock for Camping

UBOWAY Quadrangle Hanging Tree Tent

The next product in our list of best tree tents is Quadrangle Hanging Tree Tent by Uboway. This tree tent is very light, portable tree tent that allows you and another person to spend the night off the ground; away from bugs or any other predators. This hammock tent has an insect-repellant mesh feature that allows you enjoy nocturnal sounds and cool ventilation without tolerating ticks, bugs, mosquitos, or other crawling insects.

You can protect yourself from the rain by covering the mesh roof with the waterproof top that comes with it and use it either as an entrance to put your gears. This double tree tent can be easily set up for quick or long-term camping trips.


  • Dual supports for the netting
  • Extra webbing on the bottom
  • Attractive camouflage pattern


  • Bad zipping system design

Tentsile Stingray – Suspended Camping Tree House Tent

Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

The last product we want to suggest is Tentsile Stingray. This is a three-person tree tent that is made with a triple hammock interior that can be connected to trucks, trees, or posts through ratchet straps for easy tension.

It can accommodate a maximum weight of 880 lbs. when secured. Entrance to the Stingray is done either through a typical tent door or through a center hole using a ladder. The flooring is 240 Denier polyester webbing protected with more than 20 meters of seatbelt webbing that needs a tactical knife to cut through.


  • Additional insulation can be added for dryness and comfort
  • Enough protection from storms, rain, and insects
  • Have a good looking design


  • May require two persons to set up
  • Heavy rain may soak the buckles, which cause water leakage

Benefits to Suspended Tree Tents

  • You will enjoy an amazing view from a higher perspective.
  • It’s not only for trees! If there are no trees around, you can use trucks, boulders, or any other strong anchor points to set up the tent.
  • You are able to use the tent as an improvised table by standing up through the particularly designed zipper hole underneath every tree tent.
  • The tent keeps you suspended midair away from bugs, damp, snakes, bugs, and rough terrain.

Hammock tents are easily becoming one of the most popular trends in the world of camping today. It is not simply for the reason that they’re comfortable to relax in, it’s for the reason that there are different benefits to using a tent instead of a traditional style. Whether you’re just in search of a new experience or you would like to have a more effective way to recreate in the woods, a tree tent could be the one you need.

Final Word

Backpackers, hikers, and campers have all discovered the common problems with sleeping in a tent outdoors. Now many of these problems can be eliminated with the use of the best tree tents.

Hopefully, with the list provided above has been helpful for you in making a decision on which one to buy. If you have any questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving them in the comment box below.

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