Camping Places In Portugal – Beautiful Beaches, Towns And Kind People

Camping Places In Portugal

Portugal is a western European country that lies on Iberian Peninsula and is neighbor to Spain. Its capital city is Lisbon. They have a lot of beach since they are facing on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country that has 92,212 km2of land.

Their beaches are popular and tourists come back each year to spend their most fun vacation. Portugal has a rich history, beautiful lively cities and also a peaceful landscape so it is wonderful for a camping adventure. Anyone can find something for himself in this country so welcome to Portugal. Some of attractive sights are the tower Torre de Belém in Lisbon, The Island Madeira, Albufeira beach, pilgrimage to Fatima, Evora medieval town and much more to see.

Portugal Camping Sites

Portugal is a country of football, good food, rich culture and architecture, and surfing on beautiful beaches. If you want to have exotic kind of holidays, pick Portugal as your next destination and find out what it has to offer. Here are five most attractive Portugal camping places that are worth your visit.

Camping site Lima Escape (Entre-ambos-os-rios)

Camping site Lima Escape (Entre-ambos-os-rios)Lima Escape is a camp that is located in Costa Verde in Portugal, a coastal region on northwest that tourists love to visit. Lima Escape will offer you a vacation in nature that you wish to have. The camp is situated in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. This park is one of the greatest natural attractions in this country where you can see deer, wolves, birds, and enjoy in the smell of the pine, yew and medicinal plants.

They are open through whole year and offer 400 pitch places for you. You can camp in the park or at the campsite. If you want to camp under the trees and close to the water, this camp should fit you. Camp in the tent, bungalow or shelter house and spend the most relaxing time alone or with your friends and family. They offer the seventh night for free and rebate for a long staying and for a large group of campers. Have fun with the Tarzan rope in the Tarzan Lagoon, Ermida, Froufe Bridge and other Lagoons where you will experience pure nature and wilderness.

Camping Zambujeira

Camping ZambujeiraCamp Zambujeira is located at eastern Algarve, a region known for beaches and golf resorts. The camp is open from April to November and has 700 camping pitch places for your needs. It is a camp with lots of different trees so don’t you worry about the shade at your camping pitch. Pets are allowed in this camp. Camp with a tent, caravan, motor home or with a motorcycle.

They have a pool and Jacuzzi with salt water for you to relax. If you don’t have a place to stay, they offer different houses for 2, 4 or 6 people. The camp is neat and has a playground for children to play, a recreation room, a market, a basketball court, pool tables and beautiful gardens to relax your eyes. You can also visit the Sea Zambujeira village and try their sea specialties.

Caliço Park

Caliço ParkThe camp can be found on the eastern Algarve and is open all year long. It has 250 pitch places for campers. Their offer includes nice and spacious homes for rental. There is a Monta Renta beach nearby and major golf courses for all you golf lovers. If you visit this camp you will be able to see Mont, different events that are happening in the Algarve, Tavira Island, Praia do Barril, Vila Nova de Cacela and Cacela Velha. English is well-spoken in this Portugal camp.

They are specialized for pleasing permanent residents. They are selling and renting houses for accommodation at their place. You can also camp with a tent, caravan or with an auto caravan in the Caliço Park and spend some quality time outdoors. The camp offers paths for cyclers, walking, touring, fishing, swimming and birdwatching.

Quinta do Pomarinho

Quinta do PomarinhoThe camp Quinta do Pomarinho is a small camp in natural park Serra de São Mamede, in Alentejo province. It is opened through all year and offers 20 pitch places. This is a lovely camp among the olive trees where you can find your perfect place for camping. This is a quiet place where you will be able to read book, watch the birds and walk in the unspoiled nature.

There is a variety of activities to do here from walking, cycling, birdwatching, and more. Camp with a tent, caravan or campervan in the central part of the campsite or in natural camping terrain. Swim and dive in the pool, see the lake and the Alto Alentejo province which you can explore by car, foot or bicycle. Quinta do Pomarinho has Mediterranean climate so you can camp there in the winter time as well and enjoy your extended vacation.

Camping in the Portugal

Portugal is an interesting country with beautiful nature where you can recharge your batteries and forget on the daily life. They have nice beaches and towns that are worth seeing and exploring. Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Pena Palace, São Jorge Castle, Cabo da Roca, Bairro Alto are just a few tourist places that will inspire you.

Before you book your vacation in one of these tents, consider your camping needs and needs of your family members. This is very important for you to have a pleasant vacation without worries. If you are a solo camper then you will have even easier task to decide for the right campsite.

I am inviting you to choose Portugal for your next vacation where you will be able to enjoy outdoors, sights and beautiful beaches that attract people from all over the world.  Welcome!

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