Camping Places In Spain – Enjoy Your Break Time

Camping Places In Spain

Spain is a western European country that lies on the Iberian Peninsula. It has 17 autonomous regions with a capital Madrid and has 505,990 km2 of land. In Madrid you can find Royal Palace, Prado museum, and expensive manicured parks. I am sure you heard of Barcelona, it is a big city that has many interesting sights to see as well.

Spain includes Balearic Islands in Mediterranean Sea, Canary Islands in Atlantic Ocean, and Ceuta and Melilla towns in North Africa. In Spain you have plenty of beaches, ancient ruins, architecture sights, world famous discotheques and other interesting places to see.

Camp on the Iberian Peninsula

Spain has diverse landscapes and is great for camping. Here are some of the most interesting camping sites where you can spend your vacation.

Camping Rural Ría De Arosa II

Camping Rural Ría De Arosa IIThis camp is our first suggestion and it can be found on the north-west of the country. They are carrying about the nature and wildlife so they are an ecological camp. They grow their own vegetables for the restaurant in the camp.

You can watch your children play on the trampoline and on the playground. They also have ponies and horses so you can horse ride as well. The camp offers archery range and quads four you to explore the surroundings. Children can use quads or pedals to go with you on the short trip. As it is a camp on the beach you can swim and do other water sport activities.

You can camp in different accommodation facilities there. Camp with your favorite tent, caravan, moto, car, or stay in one of their bungalows for 4 or 6 people.

Camping la Aldea

Camping la AldeaThe camp la Aldea is open through all year and has 246 pitch places for you. It lays in the natural and national park, in the village El Rocío on the south part of the country. They offer accommodation facilities as bungalows, mobile houses, choza Suite and Marismeña for the sleeping and relaxing through the day.

This is a perfect place for nature lovers as you can spend time outdoors in the park and watch the birds and other animals in their natural environment. The camp has horses and organizes horse-rides on the paths. You can see the national park Doñana with a horse or with a 4×4 vehicle. Staying in this camp will enable you to see the village El Rocío, Huelva, Almonte, Matalascañas and well-known Seville which is popular due flamenco dance.

Camping Cabopino

Camping CabopinoCamp Cabopino or “A heaven in great outdoors” is open all-year round and is perfect for family holidays and for those who likes to spend time in the mild climate and at the beach. You can find it in the Costa del Sol region on the south. They have 250 pitch plots in the pine forest, half of them are shaded.

They have different bungalows for you to stay but dogs are not allowed in the facility. Dogs are allowed in the camp. You can relax in indoor and outdoor pool that is covered. Have a snack in the bar or in the restaurant or take ordered food at your camping place. Recreation is possible here as they have basketball, football and volleyball court, a climbing wall, rope bridges, archery, tirolina, table tennis and more.

Camping Los Escullos

Camping Los EscullosOn the south you can locate the camp Los Escullos which lays in the Costa Almeria. All year camping is possible here on the occupancy of 216 pitch places. You can stay in Park bungalow, Mobil home, a cottage, canvas bungalow or enjoy in the camp with your tent, roulotte or auto caravan.  The camp plots are separated with bushes.

What about activities here? You can spend your extra energy in the gym, on the tennis, basketball, football, paddle tennis, and beach volley court. They also have a pool where you can enjoy in the water. The Oasis restaurant has a wide gastronomic offer, also with the service to go. On the beach you can have a snack in their bar-café where you can also eat your first daily meal from 8 to 12 o’ clock.

Camping Naturaleza

Camping NaturalezaCamp Naturaleza is a camp located in the Cáceres, the city in the Extremadura region on the west. It is open from the middle of March till the middle of October. Their capacity is 400 pitch plots where you can camp.  The camp offers wooden bungalows that are appropriate for all seasons or you can stay in the mobile home.

There is a free pool to use, games and TV room, and a playground for children to play. Animation and other children activities are also held in the camp. They didn’t forget on sports enthusiasts, so they have tennis, handball, football, basketball and racquetball court. What about surroundings and towns nearby? There is a San Miguel de Valero town just 500m away, that has pharmacy and other facilities for you to use. If you like to hike and explore, you should visit The Sierra de la Quilama where there are paths for walking, hiking, and cycling. I also suggest you to go to surrounding villages where you will see castles, churches, and Arab and Roman ruins.

Spain Camping Places for Vacation

These are the camps that I picked for you to explore. The most camps in Spain can be found on the coast but there are some on the continent as well. Which camp would you pick for your next vacation? All of these camps take good care of their guests as they have facilities, courts for sport, hiking trails and much more to please you.

When you travel to Spain and camp in one of the camps, you should have a day trip to towns as they have interesting architecture and culture. Order their traditional food and please your taste buds. Before you go camping, make sure you have all the necessities to have unforgettable and stress-free holidays.

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