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best camping tent brands

Are you looking for the adventure in the nature? Do you want to know which are the best camping tent brands to choose from? If you do, then the best camping tent guide is all you need for spending your quality and enjoyable free time.

Best Camping Tent BrandsFresh air, green leaves, beautiful animals and peace can be your escape from your busy schedule. The right choice of picking a tent is crucial regarding environment you will camp in. If you are going in the mountains, then your perfect choice would be a mountain waterproof tent.

Before going to the adventure, you need to think of all the possibilities and environment conditions. Choosing the right camping tent should be done carefully.

We will introduce you the best camping tent brands and camping tents on the market and reviews of the most popular ones. You will find the right camping tent that will perfectly fit your needs and budget.

Best Camping Tent Guide

There are many different types of camping tents for every need and purpose. They vary in size and features, which significantly makes it easier to find the right solution for your exact requirements.

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You can select big family camping tent for camping with your family or friends. If you will camp alone in the future, you should think about buying a 1-person tent. There are also different materials and tent features to choose from.

The right choice for the tent mainly depends of occupancy, camping season and your camping needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of these camping tents.

Family Camping Tents

Family camping tents are first that we will introduce in our best camping tent guide. When we go camping with our family, the excitement is high. Kids are looking forward to have a blast and we can see their excitement on every step they take. Parents can be more overwhelmed when it comes to organizing and preparing a camping trip for a whole family.

family-coleman-tentFamily tents are mostly the large ones and come in different shapes and spacing. Nowadays, tent designers are coming up with tad more complex designs that scale up their favorite shapes of small tents into comparatively bigger family tents.

Most of these tents are available in many innovative styles, that are teamed up with ultimate comfort level. You can find more information in our list of the Best Family Camping Tents.

Backpacking Tents

backpack-tentAre you going hiking alone or with your friend or partner, and need an appropriate tent? Maybe you have a day off and you want to go into forest and spend some camping time there. If this is the case, then backpack tent should be the right choice for you.

These tents are designed to accompany people on extended hiking trips. They offer a quick protection. Backpacking tents are designed to accommodate no more than two people at a time. They are perfect to carry in your backpack because they are light weighted.

Most of these tents fold up into a small package, and can be taken down or set up quickly. Look our list of the Best Backpacking Tents.

Expedition Tents

expedition-tentGoing to the expedition to the mountains, ice fishing or somewhere with winter climate? If so, a backpacking tent won`t be a good solution for your extreme camping needs. If you are going to the place where weather changes fast, you need a well-designed tent that will protect you from weather inconveniences.

Expedition tents are built to be as durable as possible because they must stand up to the harsh nature elements. These tents are heavier than backpacking tents, and the best of all camping tents available on the market, for sure. They stand against the rain, snow and wind.

Choose a good quality expedition camping tent with durable material, and excellent features from our list of Best Expedition Tents.

Cabin Camping Tents

cabin tentCabin camping tents are different from other types of tents on the market. As their name adressess, they look like a cabin when they are placed. Cabin tents have walls and are heavy.

This is a good solution for groups of people and families who will spend most of the time in the tent. So if you will cook, play games, and spend time with your kids or friends in the tent, then cabin tent is perfect for you.  People can move in the tent without bending all the time due to walls.

These camping tents vary in sizes and materials. Cabin tent designers use canvas, polyester and nylon as the tent material. These sorts of tents are proven to withstand stormy weather conditions. You can inform yourself more about these types of tents on our list of Best Cabin Camping Tents.

 Pop-up Tents

best camping tent guide 2017Last but not least, pop-up tents are included in our best camping tent guide as well. Best pop-up tents are the most easily assembled tent to set up, leaving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

No need to fuss over finding the directions or wondering where the stakes go, just unfold the pre-assembled cords and poles, and slip them into the sleeves. From start to finish, these tents can be fully put up in a matter of minutes.

Pop-up camping tents are made from lightweight material with lightweight poles. Since they are so lightweight and portable, you might be tempted to think they are flimsy.

However, pop-up tents are very durable and should last for many camping seasons. If you are interested in these tents, check out our list of Best Pop-up Tents.

Best Camping Tent Brands

Camping is a great outdoor adventure and there’s nothing more important than having a good quality tent for camping. A good camping tent provides proper shelter from the elements along with some privacy in the crowded campgrounds.

If you are planning on camping in a remote area or in harsh weather, it’s crucial to have a quality camping tent from a reputable brand.

In order for you to choose the best brand, it’s important that you do your homework and find a tent that’s best suited for your camping needs, budget and adventure plans. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best camping tent brands on the market.


coleman the outdoor company logoColeman is a popular brand and is well known for providing high qulity outdoor products, including camping tents. They make a wide variety of quality camping tents which satisfy most of their client’s needs. Whether you need a large tent for 9, or a small tent for 2, they have it. The Coleman tents are very durable and are built with a very tough material, which is made from polyethylene.

Their tent materials are not only tough, but they’re also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The company has actually gone to great lengths to make sure that their tents are waterproof or watertight. They have even given their weatherproof or watertight design a name; the WeatherTec System.

The Coleman tents are particularly ideal for the serious campers, who are looking for affordable, yet high quality tents for casual use. Regardless of what style, size, or kind of camping tent you need, there’s a Coleman option available.


wenzel logoWenzel is a camping tent brand which has a solid reputation in the camping tent industry. They offer high quality tents which are lightweight, spacious, and long lasting. Their camping tents are readily available in a range of sizes from 1 person, all through to extended families. As with many other top brands, Wenzel has really worked hard to improve the ease of the set up for their camping tents.

Some of their newer tent models like the Vortex range, features AirPitch technology which allows air poles to get inflated by a single person in just a couple of minutes. The tent can also be deflated very quickly. Wenzel camping tents are ideal for those who want to enjoy a good night sleep, while out in the wilderness.

ozark trailOzark Trail tents are manufactured with economical tent buyers in mind. The Ozark camping tents are generally budget priced tents, and are made by different manufacturers and then sold by Amazon and other stores.

Ozark tents are a good solution for those who wish to enjoy some time outdoors camping, or those who simply want to test the waters to see if outdoor camping is an activity they can enjoy.

There are numerous different designs available for those who want to enjoy some level of comfort while in the great outdoors, without spending lots of money.

ALPS Mountaineering

alps logoALPS Mountaineering is another popular brand amongst campers thanks to their durability and sturdy design. It is one of the best camping tent brands. The company has actually established itself as one of the leaders in the camping tent industry in terms of manufacturing high quality, durable, lightweight camping and backpacking tents.

Most of their tents are roomy, well constructed and are very easy to set up. ALPS Mountaineering camping tents are the ideal option for the smaller groups on the go. Well, although they have some relatively larger camping tents, most of their tents are primarily designed for portability.


a msr logoMSR (abbreviation for Mountain Safety Research) tents are supplied by a company known as Cascade Designs. This company has become one of the industry’s leader when it comes to manufacturing top quality outdoor gear. MSR camping tents are actually high end camping tents and they’ve several unique lines. Most of the MSR camping tents have been designed for reliability, livability, and efficiency. Moreover, their tents are lightweight and you can easily take the tent with you when out on adventures.


Camping brings memories, right? Even if you are a newbie in camping, you should pick a quality camping tent that will fit your need as a person and also protect you from the weather elements. Our guide showed you some of the family tents that are mostly bought by people to spend a quality time with the family. There are different types of tents with different purpose and with diverse range of features and materials to pick from.

Family camping tents are designed to be large and accommodate at least 4 people (2 adults + 2 children). Larger tents have even more space and also two or more rooms to sleep in. Many of these tents have cabin shape where you can stand up and do daily activities. A good family camping tent has two doors and rooms, good ventilation, a quality material and so on.

Do you have a day off and thinking of going hiking? What if rain surprises you on your trip? Backpacking tents are perfect for hikers who go to a short hike and need a quick shelter. These tents are lighter than other tent types and are pitched quickly. A backpacking tent can accommodate one or two persons and can be easily fold up.

Going on expedition in the mountains, ice fishing or somewhere where the climate is cold and unfriendly? If this is the case, you should think of getting an expedition tent. Expedition tents are a total opposite than backpacking tent since they are meant to serve you on your expedition trip which can take days. People who climb and want to reach a mountain’s peak have these tents with them as essential equipment. Expedition tents are made to protect you from the harsh weather and are very durable. They are made from a quality material and are heavier than backpacking tents. This is not a surprise since expedition tents should be heavier not to be blown away by the wind and snow storms.

Tents that look like a cabin or cabin tents are the ones that will serve you if you are camping with a group of people as your friends or family members. They are popular and families who are camping enthusiasts love to buy them. Cabin tents come in different material and are heavier than other smaller tents also due to the walls. The walls are making this tent high enough for you to move inside the tent and do daily activities as cooking and having fun. The cabin tent is like your house in the nature since the space enables you to have a table, bed and other furniture inside the tent. This tent type isn’t appropriate just in the sunny day but can also withstand wind and rain.

And there we have pop up tents or instant tents which are light weighted and easy to carry with you or on your back. If you are going to hike or on the festival this tent will serve you good. It can even be a good option on a few day trip. Their greatest feature is that they are set up in minutes as you just open the tent bag and throw the tent in the air. Pretty impressive, right? Don’t think that these tents won’t serve you long and protect you from the rain as they are very durable but pop up tents won’t be a good option when it is raining and snowing hard. People love to bring these tents to a festival and set it up for the children in their backyard.

And now a few words regarding the best brands in the camping niche that are worth to mention. Coleman is one of the reputable camping brands that offer quality tents and other camping equipment. Their tents are durable and can protect you from the rain as they put a lot of effort in the waterproof feature. If you are looking for a quality tent for a reasonable price, choose one of the Coleman’s tents.

Wenzel tents are durable, lightweight and spacious. The company’s newest models have AirPitch technology that allows air poles to get inflated by a single person in a short time.

Ozark Trail is a company that thought of people with the lower budget. Their tents are produced by different companies. You can choose among different models and enjoy outdoors without spending to much of your money.

Alps Mountaineering is a well-known camping company with durable and quality tents available for you to use. Their tents are easy to set up, well-constructed and have a spacious. If you are going on a short trip, one of their tents should do the work since their focus is on smaller tents for portability.

MSR become more known for its quality outdoor gear. Their tents are high end camping tents with several unique lines. MSR tents are light, durable and worth having when going outdoors.

We hope that you found these best camping tent brands good enough to make a move and buy the best tent for you. With lots of camping tent brands available on the market, it isn’t difficult to find the right one for your particular needs with our guide.

All of the tent brands which have been featured above offer a range of top quality camping tents designed to meet the various needs of different kinds of campers.

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