Camping Toilet Ideas That You Will Like

Camping Toilet Ideas

One of the most asked questions for camping, hiking, and the outdoors is what to do when you have to use the restroom. It’s a confusing and private subject, and some readers may not appreciate the bluntness of discussing such a thing, but when you have go, you really need camping toilet ideas, and fast! There are few bodily functions that require as much urgency as relieving oneself, so today, let’s talk about how to use the toilet when you’re out in the wilderness.

Most convenient: Use normal toilet facilities

self composting toiletOne idea is to simply stick to recreational activities that have on-site restrooms. Most of these restrooms will be self-composting, so they won’t be as sparkly, clean, and wonderful to smell as a normal public restroom. They will also have special toilet paper, which doesn’t feel as quality or comfortable as normal public restroom toilet paper.

Self-composting toilets have a tiny learning curve to them, simply read the signs on the walls or doors and you should be all set. Take extra care with baby disposable products and feminine hygiene products, as marked on such instructions. If you’re still not sure, just ask. Most people would be happy to help, even if the question is embarrassing.

What I like the most about these facilities is that I know that all of the human waste is being treated properly and isn’t harming the environment. They also tend to have disposable toilet seat covers, in case you are worried about germs.

However, there are a couple downsides to these public park restrooms, such as being at mercy of others who have come before you. Not everyone is nice, proper, or clean and sometimes others have left unhappy messes. They can also be a bit smelly if you aren’t used to it. Lastly, only going where these park restrooms are at limits your destinations to the touristy spots easily marked on the map. You won’t be in the thick of wildlife nor off the beaten trail

Most portable: Purchase your own toilet facility

Chemical ToiletThere are many products that you can buy online that simulate the necessities of bodily functions. They tend to look like a toilet, but have disposable or composting waste bags. Some of them even have lids reminiscent of a real toilet.

You can shop for whichever product suits your needs and preferences the best, and this can aid in a sense of comfort. I recommend reading the instructions for the product of your choice ahead of time, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

I also recommend trying this in the privacy of your backyard before you go on your trip – you don’t have to actually use it, but do go through the motions to familiarize yourself with how it would work and what else you might need to bring to plan your trip ahead of time. Just remember to tie or knot the top of your used baggie tight so that nothing can escape.

Most affordable: Make your own camping toilet

This is one of the camping toilet ideas that requires your hands and a little time. There are many articles online on how to make your own camping toilet. Essentially, you take five gallon bucket and give it a more suitable rim, such as a pool noodle, pipe insulation, or an actual toilet seat of some kind – you can even use the five gallon bucket lid if you cut a hole in it.

A disposable bag goes inside to catch the waste, but I prefer to double-bag everything, just in case. From there, instructions vary, such as affixing a toilet paper holder, containing smells, or other portability conveniences.

The nice thing about this option is that you can take pride in your work, and customize your portable toilet to how you feel is best for you. The bad part is figuring out what to do with the waste. Remember to tie up your baggie tight.

What to do with camping toilet waste

Firstly, see if there are any receptacles or trash containers near you that have signs accepting it. Another idea is to look for bear-proof trash containers. See if there are any RV parks nearby that will accept it. Lastly,  when you are truly desperate with nothing around you, you can try to bury it.

What to do with other soiled waste products

There are other types of human waste, such as disposable hand wipes, diaper products, feminine hygiene products, used tissues, and more. For these, simply put them in a double baggie and keep them tightly shut, so that the smell doesn’t leak out. At your nearest trash can, dump them in.

Most desperate: Dig your own hole

When you’ve come unprepared and there are no restroom facilities nearby, then there aren’t any other ideas to resort to than digging your own hole and doing your business. For this, you’ll simply need a shovel or spade of some type. If there isn’t any, perhaps you can find a sharp rock or sturdy stick to dig with. Once you’ve done your business, cover it up with earth.

Hopefully you have something that you can use as toilet paper. If not, you’ll have to resort to what large leaves are around you. But beware, some leaves can cause allergic reactions, such as poison ivy and poison oak. That’s why it’s always good to familiarize yourself with the camping site that you will be going to, so that you know what your options are.

That’s it for my Camping Toilet Ideas!

Remember to always bring extra toilet paper, because you never know which rolls will get lost, end up wet somehow, or be needed to clean up a spill. Bringing disposable hygienic or anti-bacterial wipes are also a good idea as they are versatile for many purposes. Lastly, don’t forget to bring some hand sanitizer for after you’ve done your business. This keeps your hands clean, especially in a place with other unknown germs and bacteria, and especially around the food that you might eat on your camping trip.

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