Coleman Hooligan 3 Person Tent Review

Coleman Hooligan 3 Person Tent Review

Camping with your mates is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, some people would urge that camping alone allows you to hike with minimal disturbance but it can get really boring at times and that is why you need your mates with you when camping for you to enjoy the outdoors.

You can engage in all sort of games and this will make your stay outdoors enjoyable. Your mates will also come to your aid when you get sick or injured when camping and this is another reason camping in a group is highly recommended. You can also go out with your family and this will help you bond as well as teaching the young one a thing or two on survival.

So what are you waiting for, get two of your best friends and plan a camping trip. You will need a shelter when you are out there and this Coleman hooligan 3 person tent review highlights the features of one of the best group camping tents that you can get.

Coleman Hooligan 3 Person Tent Review

You will enjoy your outdoor stay better when you have a good shelter over your head and this review takes a look at what you can expect when you get this tent for your camping needs.

Excellent protection from the elements

Coleman Hooligan 3 tent

Coleman builds their tents to perform better against the elements and Coleman Hooligan tent is no different. Built in their signature WatherTec protection system, this tent stands strong in the harshest of conditions thereby protecting the campers in the best possible manner.

It has a full rainfly that protects the tent and those inside it from the rain and snow. The tent is also made of a waterproof material and this ensures that should rainwater get past the rainfly, it won’t get past the tent and make you uncomfortable. The interior will, therefore, remain dry and the campers are, therefore, assured of their comfort for the entire time they will be spending outdoors.

The tent is also excellent when it comes to protecting its inhabitants from strong winds. This is because the tent has a low structure and this way, it will not act as an obstacle to strong winds. Chances of getting blown away are, therefore, very low and this assures your safety when you are outdoors.

The tent is also made of fiberglass poles that are quite strong as well. They, therefore, add to the tent’s stability in the face of strong winds.

Properly ventilated interior

You need a tent that is properly ventilated if you want to have a good time outdoors and the Coleman hooligan camping tent will ensure just that. This shelter features an entire inner tent that is made of a mesh material. This mesh allows fresh air into the tent and this keeps the tent ventilated.

You will, therefore, not have to deal with a hot interior when you use this tent for your outdoor accommodation needs. Condensation will also not be an issue as the mesh will allow air into the tent and will prevent hot air from settling on the surface of the tent.

Simple setup

What is a tent for if it is not easy to set up? Long gone are the days when people would build their shelters from scratch when engaging in outdoor activities as at present there are tents that you can put up in an instant for maximum protection from the elements.

The Coleman 3 season tent is one of those tents and this will ensure your shelter is ready for use in a short period of time. The tent’s poles are of a continuous nature and this is one of the factors that make this tent easy to set up. This is because you won’t have to connect large poles when putting up the tent and this reduces the time and effort needed to do so considerably.

The continuous pole sections are also color coded and this way, you know which section goes where and this simplifies the tent setup process even further. You will, therefore, complete setting up your shelter in the shortest time possible and as other campers are struggling with difficult models, you will be inside your tent enjoying a glass of juice.

There are instructions on the tent’s carry bag that you can use to set up the tent if you are struggling with the poles.

The same way setting up this tent is easy, is how easy it is taking down. The continuous pole sections fold up very quickly and this makes it easy to take the tent down. You will take a short time doing so and you will proceed to your next adventure or pack up and head home after a successful camping trip.

Lightweight and portable

This is another feature of the Hooligan tent by Coleman that makes it ideal for outdoor camping activities. Its lightweight nature makes transporting it very easy and this will ensure that you can move around with your tent with minimal disturbance.

You will get a carry bag when you buy this tent for your transportation needs and this will make traveling with the tent very easy. With a light tent, you will not get tired when engaging in your favorite outdoor activities and this will ensure that you have a lot of energy left in the tank for your adventures.

The lightweight nature of the tent also makes erecting it very easy and this is something you will appreciate as a camper especially when are out there with young children.


A tent is a key requirement if you will be spending time outdoors and this Coleman hooligan 3 person tent review brings to light the features of this amazing shelter. Read the review in detail to learn more on what to look for when choosing a tent for your outdoor needs.

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