Gazelle 4 Person Pop Up Tent

Gazelle 4 Person Pop Up Tent

Last week, the family and I went to an outdoors sort of affair where everyone brings their own tents, and sometimes dress up as their favorite character. There’s food, drinks, sun, bugs, more sun, and more bugs.  Luckily, I’d brought along this stylish Gazelle Pop Up Tent and it was a big hit with the other campers, as well as with my family.

On the last day of this outdoors convention, it rained, separating those with no tents from those with tents, as well as separating out those who had excellent tents from the rest of the pack, because with the rain came big wind gusts. Our Gazelle 4 person pop up tent was a massive success and we even had room to shelter some of less fortunate in our tent until the weather cleared.

Gazelle 4 Person Pop Up Tent Review

Gazelle Pop Up Tent

The Gazelle Pop Up Tent comes in two color schemes: pastel wintergreen and bright firewatch orange. All folded up, the tent weighs 30 lbs and folds down into a cylindrical bag that’s about 5.7 ft long and has backpacking straps attached to it. The dimensions are 7.8 ft wide by 7.8 ft long by 6.5 ft tall in the highest centerpoint of the tent, so you can stand up and walk around in it.

It has 2 doors on the corners, and everywhere a door isn’t, there are windows on the corners. So, there are 6 windows and a window on each of the doors for a total of 8 windows. It has a way to stake the tent down, so that there would be 8 stakes and 4 lines.

It’s big enough to fit 4 adult sleeping bags and still have quite a bit of extra room. You could probably fit 5 in here, but then it would be crowded. 4 and some pets seem to be the magic number. It can fit 1 king mattress, 1 queen mattress, or 2 twin inflatable mattresses – you will just want to inflate and deflate them inside of the tent as they won’t fit through the door. It can fit 3 cots.

The tent has a rainfly that can be attached or detached for optimal air flow when it matters versus shelter from inclement weather. It’s extremely easy to put on, but it would probably require an adult to put it on because of the height of the tent.

Setting up the Gazelle tent

To set up this tent, take it out of its carry bag, and place it so that the all-black flooring is on the bottom. Starting at where you are currently standing, locate a black hanging pull-strap in the center of the tent side nearest you, and simply pull it outwards until the side pops outwards and stays that way. It doesn’t take very much force. Go around to the remaining 3 sides, pulling each of their grab straps. And now your tent is assembled, you’re all done!

To put  on the rainfly, simply place the loose material on the top of the tent. At each corner, locate a long rod attached to the rainfly and place into the tent’s corner tube. Once all 4 corners are connected, go inside the tent and press upwards gently on the roof until it pops outwards (if it isn’t already). Next, simply attach the rainfly straps on the center of each overhanging side to the tent’s side center pull straps, and then you are done.

It’s quick and easy, and I was able to have this tent go from being in the box to being fully set up in a few minutes. A guest at the event saw me take this tent out of my car and offered to help, feeling sorry for me. The look on his face when this thing was fully assembled was priceless. We got a few other jealous looks from families who had to take all kinds of time to assemble their tents and canopies.

Additional features

As this Gazelle tent is a high quality pop-up tent, it uses a hub and spoke design with solid, sturdy fiberglass poles. It has double zippers so you can feel confident that you won’t be stuck if one breaks or becomes derailed. All of the seems on the tent fabric are taped for extra waterproofing.

Detachable floor

I’ve never seen a tent with a detachable floor before, but this tent has it. It attaches by velcro, but there aren’t any issues with bugs or critters getting inside. With all tents, there’s the recommendation to have another tarp or footprint below the tent, but because this tent’s floor is removable, you could simply obtain a replacement from the company.

You could stick it in the laundry machine if it gets muddy. If too much dirt gets inside, you could un-velcro the flooring off, take it outside the tent, and simply shake it out. If you just really want to enjoy some nice grass, you could take off the bottom and touch the ground with your toes.

The Gazelle tent versus the weather

This tent stands up extremely well to weather. Even in a horrific downpour of rain, it doesn’t leak. If it hails, it doesn’t leak, either. There were some wind gusts of about 50 mph, and this tent stood up really well.

Disadvantages of this tent

Because this is a pop up tent, there’s only so far that the tent will collapse and still be able to rise on its own. This means that the carrying bag and folded size of the tent is about as long as a person, which can make it a bit awkward to carry around. It might be a challenge to fit into a small car or compact vehicle, unless you have a roof rack.


The Gazelle 4 person pop up tent is great for someone who would like to be able to stand up inside their tent and still have lots of space and windows. It has some added convenience features like the detachable floor, but the most impressive factor of this tent is the ease in setting it up. For an older person or an impatient person, this tent would really be one of their favorites.

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