Hilleberg Soulo Tent Review

Hilleberg Soulo Tent Review

Work activities can be tiring and exhaustive. Doing the same this thing over and over again for a long period of time can be quite boring and make you lose interest in your job. Add to the fact that you have a demanding boss and this will make you dread the mornings when you have to prepare for your job.

But you just can’t head to your supervisor’s office and hand in your resignation letter as this will render you jobless and unable to take care of your family. So what do you have to do to manage the stress that comes from your regular job? Go out and enjoy nature.

A camping trip is one of the best activities that you can engage in if you want to deal with the stress of your regular job. Camping exposes you to the amazing features of nature and this will help you calm down and eliminate the stress in your life.

For this camping trip, you will need a tent that will act as your outdoor shelter. There are a lot of such shelters in the market and this Hilleberg Soulo tent review highlights the features of one of the amazing tents that you can get.

The Hilleberg Soulo Tent Review

This tent has been in the market for some time now and those who have used it have been able to enjoy proper protection from the elements and a comfortable interior. Let’s now take a look at the features of this amazing tent in detail.

Lightweight and portable

Hilleberg Soulo Tent

Those who have used this tent say that the lightweight and portable nature of this tent is one of the things that they enjoyed about this shelter. The Hilleberg Soulo Camping Tent is very light and this has made travelling around with it very easy. Of course, your outdoor camping trip may take you far and wide and it that’s the case, then you need a tent that will not make you tired as you travel.

It uses hollow pole sections and light canvas material as the structure of the tent and this reduces the weight of this tent a great deal. It compresses when packed into a small structure and it fits into its included carry bag for effective transportation.

You will, therefore, not struggle or get tired when moving about in this tent and this will enhance your outdoor camping trip a great deal.

Simple set up

This is another advantage of this tent that makes it great for outdoor activities. I’m sure struggling with a complicated tent is not one of the reasons why you are heading to camp and this simple tent will make sure that doesn’t become the case.

As a result of its simple structure and lightweight model, setting this tent up is very easy and this will make sure that you are left with enough time to do other important things. The tent’s poles and the canvas have been pre-attached and this makes getting the tent ready for use very easy.

The Hilleberg Soulo tent is free-standing in nature and this means that you will not have to hammer pegs to the ground so as to get the tent to pitch. It will, therefore, not take you more than 2 minutes to get this tent ready for occupation which is a considerably short time for putting up a tent.

Resistant to weather elements

Most people don’t associate a light tent with the ability to keep weather elements at bay but that is not the case with this Hilleberg tent. This tent may have a lighter build but the materials used to make the tent’s structure have been re-engineered to make them extra strong and able to withstand the harsh weather elements.

The tent will, therefore, protect you from the harsh weather elements and this will keep you safe for the entire time you will be outdoors. It has an adjustable snow roof cover that makes sure that snow doesn’t become a nuisance when you are out there enjoying yourself in nature.

The tent’s exterior is made of a waterproof material that keeps rain away from the tent at all times. You will, therefore, not get wet and this will keep you dry and comfortable every time you are in the tent. The tent also has a bathtub floor that keeps groundwater from the tent’s interior.

The tent’s structure is also able to resist strong winds and this greatly reduces the chance of the tent getting blown away. It will remain steady andprotect you in those windy nights.

All the features contribute to making the tent very comfortable and this is why it comes highly recommend by outdoor enthusiast.

Spacious interior

The Hilleberg tent is quite spacious and this is another reason why you should pick it over other tents for your outdoor shelter. The ground surface measures 86” by 62” which is large enough for your outdoor accommodation needs. Two people can fit into the tent comfortably and this makes it a great shelter if you will be spending time outdoors with your partner, friend, or work colleague.

The weather outdoors could be harsh and leaving your belongings outdoors may not be a good idea. The camping tent by Hilleberg comes with enough space for you to store your personal effects and this will ensure that you don’t leave them outside the tent where they are exposed to harsh weather elements that could damage them.

The center height measures 37” which is higher than that provided by other tents. You will, therefore, move about the tent with ease and perform activities within the tent with minimal disturbance.


Those looking for an appropriate shelter for their camping, mountaineering or biking needs will appreciate this Hilleberg Soulo tent review as it highlights some of the features of this shelter. Go through this review thoroughly to understand the other features that make this tent a great shelter for your outdoor accommodation needs.

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