How To Anchor A Canopy On Concrete?

How To Anchor A Canopy On Concrete

You’ve got everything set for a good time outdoors. You have already put up the canopy that will act as your shelter as you wait for the big game to begin. Your pals are there with you and everything is going according to plan until the wind blows off your canopy.

A few of your friends get injured, items are damaged and some of the meals that were being prepared get spilled over and suddenly your stay outdoors is no longer enjoyable. You had not anticipated a windy day and as such, you did take the necessary measures to secure your canopy.

It is particularly important that you find a way to anchor a canopy that is being set up on concrete as even the slightest wind can blow it off the ground. A flying canopy can injure those who are enjoying themselves outdoors and this one of the reasons why you should learn how to anchor a canopy on concrete.

Let’s now review some of the things that you need to do to ensure that your canopy remains firmly on the ground as you are enjoying yourself outdoors.

Tips on how to anchor a Canopy on Concrete

canopyCanopies are not stable and that is why they are easily blown away when they are exposed to heavy winds. Their weight is concentrated at the top and this makes them quite unstable. There structure also acts as an obstacle to the wind and this increases their chances of getting blown away when they are faced with heavy winds.

Canopies, however, are great lightweight structures for outdoor activities such as tailgating and there is no we are getting rid of them. Anchoring them on other surfaces such as the bare ground is easy but things get a lot difficult when the surface is concrete.

To help you in this regard, we have created this article that highlights a few tips on how to anchor a canopy on concrete.

1. Use tent weight bags

Tent weight bags are a great option for anchoring your canopy tent to the ground. There are a lot of such bags in the market and they have been manufactured specifically for anchoring canopy tents. When you buy these bags, you should fill them up with sand and attach them to the frame of your canopy.

Purchasing these bags can prove costly than making some homemade sandbags but you will be able to save a lot of time when you get them in that the only thing that you will have to do is fill them up and attach them to your canopy.

When buying these tent bags, you should make sure that you get a bag that matches the weight requirements of your canopy. By this I mean the sandbags should have enough weight to support your canopy and prevent it from getting carried away. Check the tent’s weight information on its package to determine the size of sandbags that you should get.

2. Use exercise weights to anchor your canopy

Exercise weights also make for great anchors for your canopy tent on a concrete surface. Get several of them by the canopy’s frame and align the mid-sections. You will then need a piece of thread that you will use to tie up the weights.

Get one end of the rope and tie it to the frame of your canopy. This will hold your canopy down and prevent it from being blown away by the wind. Some event organizers, however, are not cool with the idea of weights being used at their events and as such, you should inquire if you can use them to anchor your canopy.

3. Use buckets filled with sand, water or gravel

This is another option that you can consider for securing your canopy to a concrete surface. The supplies that you will need for this anchoring option are items that can be easily accessed and this makes this option appealing.

You will need several strong buckets that you will fill with sand, water or gravel. You will need about 40 pounds of weight on every leg of your canopy and you can achieve this by using different amounts of the filler in the buckets.

When you use water as a filler, you should fill the entire bucket to achieve the necessary 40 pounds on each leg. If you choose sand, then you will need an equivalent of 3.2 gallons which you can achieve when the bucket is about two thirds full.

In the case of gravel, you will need to fill the bucket just slightly past the halfway line as a full bucket of gravel weighs 75 pounds.

4. Create permanent weights by creating buckets of concrete

buckets of concreteAll the methods mentioned above are temporary and as such, you will have to set them up every time you need to put up your canopy tent. For a permanent and long lasting solution, bucket fills of concrete are the way to go.

To do this you will need a bucket, water, and cement. Mix the cement with water according to the instructions on the cement bag and leave the mixture to settle. The mixture will dry up and form a solid mass of concrete that you can use for anchoring your canopy tent.

This is a permanent solution for holding your canopy and you can take the concrete buckets with you everywhere you go. This will save you a lot of time that you would have used to set up and anchor your canopy tent and this will ensure that you have enough time to make merry.


Your stay outdoors can turn chaotic if you don’t take the necessary measures to anchor your canopy tent. Such tents are quite unstable when they are set up on a concrete surface and as such, they can be blown away by the wind very easily. Read this article to learn a few tips on how to anchor a canopy on concrete.

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