A Detailed Analysis Of The Kelty Frontier Canvas Tent

Kelty Frontier Canvas Tent

Group camping activities are a great way of enjoying nature’s marvels. Whether you are heading out to camping with your family members, group of friends or even work colleagues, group camping sessions are a great way to bond and to enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Solo camping provides you with enough time to meditate and reflect on your life but if you want some old school outdoor fun, then you better get other people to join you when heading to camp. You will be able to chat and as you hike and this will make your stay outdoors worthwhile.

One of the important requirements for a successful group camping session is a good tent and this article reviews one of the best tents that you can get in this regard. The Kelty Frontier Canvas Tent will comfortably accommodate your entire camping party and we will highlight some of the features of this tent below.

Characteristics of the Kelty Frontier Canvas Tent

Your group camping session will not be complete without the Kelty Frontier Tent. This tent was built for large camping parties and this review takes a look at the features of this bad boy.

Spacious interior

Kelty Frontier Tent

Spacious interior is the best and most obvious characteristic of this amazing Kelty tent. Other tents are small and lightweight in an effort to make them portable and easy to carry but such tents are only ideal for individual campers. If you are camping in a group and you want to use one tent for shelter then the Kelty Frontier 10 X 10 Tent is one of the best that you can get in this regard.

With an indoor space of 100 square feet, this tent is large enough to accommodate 6 campers at a go. A family of six can, therefore, use the tent for their outdoor shelter needs and the tent will ensure that they are protected from the elements and sheltered properly.

The tent’s interior space is also enough for you to put all your belongings in the tent and this will ensure their safety as well. It is easy to lose your belongings in public campsites but this tent will prevent this from happening by ensuring that you have enough space to store all your personal items when they are not in use. Your belongings will also not get exposed to the elements and get damaged as they will be safe within the tent.

The tent is also raised adequately and this ensures that tall people can easily move about inside the tent without any difficulties.

It has several doors for easy access

A tent that is to be used by many people should have enough doors so as to make it easy to enter and leave the tent. If that’s not the case, then people will have to go over each other when entering and leaving the tent and this will create a lot of disharmony among the campers. This is because someone could be relaxing after a tough day outdoor and going over them when they are asleep will make them irritated.

To ensure that campers are less of a nuisance to each other when they are camping, the Kelty Frontier camping tent has 3 doors for easy access when entering or leaving the tent. Most tents don’t go beyond 2 doors when making access points for their tent but the creators of this tent went the extra mile to create 3 doors.

Campers can, therefore, use any of the 3 doors to enter and leave the tent and this ensures that there is harmony among the campers.

Protection from the elements

You also need a tent that will protect you from the elements and the Kelty canvas tent does an amazing job in that regard. As a result of its strong build and compact structure, this tent is very resistant to strong winds and this ensures your protection from the same when a storm hits your campsite. The tent will not be blown away and the campers and their belongings will remain safe as well.

The tent’s exterior is made of a waterproof material and this is another feature that makes this tent weatherproof. The waterproof coating will keep rain and moisture away from the tent’s interior and this will keep you comfortable for the entire duration of your camping stay. The tent’s floor is made of a waterproof material as well and this will ensure that water of the ground doesn’t get into the tent. See how Kelty tests their tents and what do they consider when designing them.

Ventilated interior

The tent’s interior could get hot and steamy with all the campers inside and that is why you need a tent that is properly ventilated like this Kelty tent. The tent has mesh panels of the side and this ensures that fresh air can easily get into the tent. The mesh keeps mosquitoes and other bugs that may try to get into the tent and this will ensure that all the campers are comfortable.


The Kelty tent for 6 people is great for group outdoor activities but we noticed a few deficiencies when analysis its structure such as:

Heavy and bulky design

This tent is heavy and bulky and this is one thing that you will have to consider when buying a tent for your outdoor activities. Transporting it from place to place is, therefore, a difficult and complicated affair.

Difficult to set up

As a result of its heavy build, setting up this tent is a challenge as well. There are a lot of sections to put together and this makes erecting this tent difficult.


The Kelty Frontier Canvas Tent is a great tent for group campers and this article brings to light some of the features of this tent. It will accommodate you properly and protect you from the elements. Read the article in detail to understand why you should invest in this tent for your next camping trip.

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