OILEUS Instant Tent Review

OILEUS Instant Tent Review

Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking are what you should engage in if you are feeling stressed or low on morale. Some people would recommend pills for your mental fatigue but such pills just add unwanted chemicals in your body that are harmful in the long run.

Nature is the best cure for such disorders and outdoor activities like camping and hiking bring you as close to nature as possible. You will be able to access the amazing views of nature and this will help you calm down and think clearly.

When going to camp, don’t go out there all alone. Bring your family with you and have a great time together. You will be able to engage in the outdoor activities as a family and this will bring you even closer together. A tent is one of the important supplies that you must get for your outdoor activities if you will be out for a long time and this OILEUS instant Tent review highlights the features of one of the best family tents that you can get.

The Detailed OILEUS Instant Tent Review

Those who have used this tent for their outdoor activities have nothing but positive things to say about it and you will be missing out on a lot if you choose another tent as your shelter. This review tries to explain and make obvious the features of this wonderful tent so as to help you make the right decision when choosing a shelter for your outdoor needs.

Let’s now look at the features of this tent in detail;

Instant setup

OILEUS XL Instant Pop Up Tent

This is one of the most impressive attributes of this tent. The Oileus XL Instant Pop Up Tent sets up in an instant and this will ensure that you are settled in your tent within a minute of arriving at your campsite. Setting this tent up is not complicated at all and all you have to do is to toss it up and the tent springs to life mid-air.

It stretches itself completely when tossed and settles on the ground with the canvas stretched out and ready to be occupied. You will not have to connect poles or ties sections together and this drastically reduces the effort needed to put up the tent.

You will, therefore, settle inside your tent in the shortest time possible and as other campers in your campsite are struggling with poles and connectors, you will be relaxing and enjoying your meals.

Spacious interior

The Oileus XL Pop Up Tent also comes with enough space for your camping needs. When camping as a group, a small tent will force you to squeeze yourself within the tent and this can be quite uncomfortable. Your movement within the tent will be restricted and this will make your stay outdoors very unpleasant. It has enough space to accommodate you as a camper and all your personal belongings.

5 to 6 people can fit inside the tent with easy and spend time comfortably within the tent. Campers can stretch and move about with ease within the tent and this enhances the comfort levels. You will also be able to keep all your belongings with the tent and this will ensure that you don’t have to leave your boots outside where they can get wet when it rained or get stolen by other campers.

Excellent protection from weather elements

Your tent should also be able to protect you from weather elements if you want to enjoy yourself when you are out there. Snow, heavy rains and strong winds can make your stay outdoors unbearable but the Oileus XL instant tent will make sure that doesn’t happen.

First of all, the tent is water resistant and this ensures that rainwater doesn’t get into the tent when it rains. You will, therefore, remain dry and comfortable for the entire time you will be within the tent. The floor of the tent has also been made of a water resistant material and this will ensure that water on the surface of the earth doesn’t become a nuisance when you are relaxing inside the tent.

The seams of the tent have been protected and this prevents water from leaking into the tent. The tent is also able to resist wind as it has been made of a strong structure that makes the tent quite stable even when faced with strong winds.

It has 2 doors for easy access

This Oileus Tent has doors on either side of the tent for easy access. Those spending the night inside the tent can use either of the doors when entering or leaving the tent and this keeps members comfortable within the tent.

You will not have to go over other sleeping campers when entering or leaving the tent at night and this way, you will not disturb them from their comfortable sleep.

Properly ventilated interior

A properly ventilated interior is another thing that you must consider when buying a tent for your outdoor accommodation needs and the Oileus camping tent performs excellently in this aspect. With 2 strategically located mesh windows on either side of the tent, you are assured of a properly ventilated interior when you spend time in this tent.

With 5 or 6 people spending time in the tent at any given time, your living space could get hot very quickly and this will make the members very uncomfortable. The windows of the tent allow air to flow freely within the tent and this keeps the interior ventilated.

The mesh windows prevent bugs from getting into the tent and this enhances your comfort levels within the tent.


I hope this OILEUS instant tent review has helped you understand some of the features of this amazing tent. Read it in detail to understand what to look for when buying a tent for your camping needs.

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